9 Most popular gifts for man in Russia

9 Most popular gifts for man in RussiaFor a man giving a gift to his girlfriend is very commonplace. In addition, the gift is easy to find and very much found in the market. But when speaking the opposite, gifts for men are very rarely discussed and tend to be erratic or not equal to one man with another man. One that should be rewarded when the man is birthday. Indeed, when birthdays the majority of men are less fond of luxurious celebrations, but in Russia the majority of men there are very fond of the party and even a party from the evening until the morning.

In Russia, Russian men often hold birthday parties with a variety of events and there are various gifts for men who birth that year. This article will cover about 9 Most popular gifts for man in Russia.

Russia is a country located on two continents of the continent of Asia and Europe. But administratively, Russia entered the part of the country on the European continent. Therefore, russian culture is an aculturation or cultural merging between Asian cultures, especially eastern and european asia. Various cultures or traditions exist in Russia including anniversary celebrations and prizes. For men russian gifts are a complement to the celebration and must exist at every celebration. Here are 9 Most popular gifts for man in Russia, as below. You can read Reasons to Date Russian Men.

  • Men’s wallet

Every man must never miss a wallet because there are a variety of important cards such as ID cards, and other important things. Wallets are things that are always taken anywhere, so this object is often easily damaged. Moreover, the basic nature of men is difficult to care for. So for women who want to give gifts to men should give a wallet. In addition men of russia prefer wallets with soft colors like blue, because the majority of Russian men are known as a patient and faithful man.

  • Attribute football

Russia is the host of the 2018 world cup and the majority of Russian men love to play soccer. Therefore, a suitable gift for russian men is atirbut football such as russian national team shirts, balls, soccer shoes, poster football players dreams or other football accesories. It is this gift that makes a Russian man very happy to receive the gift.

  • DVD Game

Which men do not like to play games, especially console games like PS 4, nitendo and the like. Every man releases tired by playing the game as above. Moreover the russian man who is a true gamer either playing console games or online games.

  • Wristwatch

Russian man is a hard worker and always on time in the activity. Therefore, the gift of a watch is very valuable to the Russian man. In addition to functioning as accessories, these watches greatly help the work of men in Russia.

  • Action figure

All men must like the name action figures ranging from old films to movies that just released. Russian men are also very fond of action figures even there have the largest community of action figure lovers in the world. For you a woman who wants to give gifts to russian men, then this action figure prize is a gift that is perfect for him. However, note first his favorite character, because the action figure with his favorite figure will add happiness to russian man.

  • Hat

The majority of men in Russia wear hats both in summer and in winter. Therefore, men in Russia wear hats. Various types of hats that exist but not all men Russia likes the hat. The elegant and trandy hats are often preferred by Russian men like Trail Trucker Cap. This hat is perfect for exercising during the day.

  • Musical instrument

The majority of Russian men love music especially the music of the classics. Besides liking classical music, russian men are also good at playing musical instruments, such as guitar, violin, piano and sexophone. This is because the instrument is closely related to classical music. It is undeniable, Russian men are more romantic compared to Russian women, this is seen from their musicality. Read more  Likeable Things for Russian People.

  • Fitness pants

Sports this one is dominated by men. This is because this sport aims to build muscle. Fitness is a need for men to look masculine in the presence of women. Various equipment needed by russian men in this fitness exercise, one of them is a special pants fitness or fitness pants. When given this prize, then many russian men are happy.

  • Electric Shaver

Every man will have a mustache and a beard. To tidy up the mustache and beard need a special tool known as Electric Shaver. This tool is able to shave neatly beard and beard. Russian man is famous for his mustache and his beard is allowed to flourish. But someday, they will measure it to look neat and beautiful. This gift is very useful for russian men. If you are a woman who wants to give a gift to a Russian man you should give a gift of Electric Shaver.

Thus a brief explanation of the 9 most popular gifts for man in Russia. For those of you who have friends or lover men russia and binggung willing to give gifts of what kind, you should note some of the above gifts. Gifts above can you make a reference to gift your male friend, especially russian man. Other articles related to Russian romance that you might be interested in are: Charming Appearance of Russian Boys (you might have read this or realized this though, and you’ve come here to progress further), Effective Steps How To Date a Russian Man, and Main Reasons to Date A Russian Man.


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