11 Russian Scholarships For International Students

Ever dream of study abroad by Scholarship? Moreover, There are many facts about the amazing Russian education. that attract foreign students to study there. Russia is one of the countries that welcome International students to apply for  Russian scholarships.

In fact, the school system differs from Indonesian. Therefore students need to do their research before applying to any program. The basic Russian school system has three stages includes elementary, middle school and high school. After middle school, Russian will choose either vocational school or High School. A supportive school system enables Russian people to welcomes more International students to their country.

If you are thinking about studying in Russia, a scholarship is a great choice. You can apply for governmental funds scholarship or a non-governmental one. Choose a scholarship which is closely related to your major of interest and your personal traits.

The Russian government scholarships welcome International students based on two things, the students qualifications and country of origin. Other scholarships provided by private supporter also available for considerations. You can have a scholarship of your dream with a lot of research and a little bit of luck. Here are some scholarships for International students in Russia that has invited foreign students.

A government of Russia Federation Scholarships

Applying for a governmentally funded scholarship is competitive because it is very tight. The scholarships need a steady test score and positive attitude from its applicants. The scholarship provides free tuition, and student accommodation, with an average amount of 1,500 rubles a month.

But if the students qualifications meet other criteria suits other sector support, it is worth to explore your choices. Because if you apply to many scholarship programs, it enhances your possibility to earn a scholarship of your dream. The chances for International students to accept a scholarship depends on some elements. Firstly, personal quality that benefits the origin country or Russia. Moreover, Russia has a great interest in sports, applying for a sport major increase your chances. Lastly, Russian support science an all related field. Therefore, if this suits you, you can really apply for a scholarship.

There is always a seat for an International student from poor countries, specific ethnic, woman driven awards etc. The choices are endless if you can relate yourself to one of them is even better. Here are some scholarship provided from private sectors.

Non-governmental Russian scholarships

  • The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) – This particular targeting Eurasian countries such as Ukraine, Georgie, and Moldova. It studies the Russian language and countries where Russian languages used in those particular countries. The program worked closely with institutions to develop valuable major that interest Russian in overall.
  • BP in Russia Research Scholarships – Russian scholarships for students finishing their master or doctorate degree. Field of study that this scholarship support is energy and economics at one of the partner Russian universities. The desired field includes oil and gas, microeconomics, game theory or econometrics. The least common your study, the more chances to have a scholarship awarded. Applicants are studying on state grants, and need to maintain their grades to keep their scholarships. This grant has a specific number of grant, it varies for every stage but it is a non-negotiable number.
  • Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project – This scholarship is available for international students with the focus of studies such as mathematics, physics, computer science or economics. Accordance with the name of the scholarship, the supporter of this project determined to open more opportunities for a master degree in the science background. The Russian Association of Global Universities are very generous and provides the scholarships to cover the entirety of tuition fees.

American Scholarships

  • Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarships – The scholarship upon the name of The U.S. Department of State’s Benjamin A. Gilman which support U.S students to study abroad. It enables students with limited financial means an opportunity to study or intern abroad. The chances to study in Russia by scholarship is pretty wide for Russian languages or any major related.
  • American Councils Scholarships – If you apply for any American Councils scholarships or fellowships, you need to specify the nature of the financial situation. Some of the scholarships available are AC Study Abroad Need-Based Scholarship or Fulbright-Hays Fellowships. These programs are available to students who are under-represented. This includes students who identify with certain racial, sexual, ethnic, religious, gender, disability, age, origin, or ancestry. The grant covers for the basis of financial need as much as 75% of the program cost, typically includes airfare, a monthly stipend, and health insurance.

University-specific Russian scholarships for international students

  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) – Scholarships are available for excellent international students who thrive for superior academic performance. You need to submit all document in Russia, the grant needs a constant score in check to keep the receiving the grant.
  • National Research University – Higher School of Economics (HSE) Saint Petersburg – This famous University in the second largest city in Russia provide scholarships for International students. The grant covering varies from 25 to 100 percent of the tuition fees at all study levels. This percentages weaver come from the test scores hold by the University. Therefore the higher your score is, the bigger your scholarship coverage you will receive.

Special Purposed Scholarships

  • National University of Science and Technology MISiS – This grant focus for International students commencing English-medium MSc STEM programs. Moreover, The grant applied both for scholars applicants or student covering tuition fees using their own funds. This limited coverages concentrating to support student already in the school program.
  • Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University – The university grants very competitive scholarship opportunities among International student applying for master’s degree programs. The scholarship helps cover from tuition fees during one semester to accommodation in the university dormitory. However, The value of the grants is not fully cover and only support about 30 percent of the overall tuition fee.
  • Russian International Olympic University  –  The University overlooking the Black sea provide a support in sports. This scholarship also is known as The Vladimir Potanin Foundation’s Olympic Scholarships Program offers more than 20 Russian scholarships. It welcomes International student which thrives in sports to study a Master of Sports Administration program.

Before someone applies for an International scholarship, they need to consider, are what university to apply, program to choose and city to considers. Among the perks of studying abroad is having an International experience and have a taste of the working life. Russia has very strict rules about foreigners working in Russia. it is almost impossible for International students to make any kind of living in Russia. How every once a while the window of opportunity opens. There might be a chance for the International student to have a part-time job in Russia.

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