7 Most Romantic Cities You Can Visit in Russia

romantic suzdalDo not always judge the country just from the stereotypes until you come visit it by yourself, for example Russia which always get the predicate of white cold freezing country, or France as the most romantic city in the world. While there might be the reason why those city are called like that, and some of it might be true. You still have to prove it and make your own appraisal about the stereotypes.

While in this case, Russia is not as cold and boring cities, it somehow has the romantic feeling on the natural landscape, beautiful and stunning architecture combined with the calm windy freeze weather. Although it can’t beat the romantic of France, you will soon realize when you come to the country, since the country has lots of romantic cities spot to spend your holiday with your lovers. Here are 7 most romantic cities you can visit in Russia. It is very recommended and you definitely won’t skip these cities on your itinerary list.

1. The city of Kazan

Kazan is located in the Republic of Tatarstan, approximately 800 km in the south east of Moscow. Founded in 1005, this city is one of the oldest cities in Russia, so no wonder if numerous heritage buildings, museums and architectural places lie in this beautiful city.

Besides, the city offers wonderful view of the city, where it is surrounded by Volga River and Kazanka River, it was very romantic to enjoy sunset in front of the Kazan farmer’s palace. This can be found in Kazan palace of Farmers, this also functioned as the agricultural ministry of Kazan’s goverment.

Other interesting places to explore in Kazan are:

  • Kazan Kremlin, a complex of huge gorgeous Soyembaka towers and museums
  • Park Tysyacheletiya
  • Sviyazhsk Island, the most visited tourist destination located around 58 km from city.

2. Moscow

As the biggest and the capital city of Russia, Moscow offers new experience in defining the romantic terms. The best spot to the couple’s purpose and engagement which also belong to the top list of romantic place in the country; it is the highest skyscrapers ever. In this super high building, you and your partner can enjoy night city views from the height, trust it will works, supported by romantic atmosphere, once you state your proposal, a “yes” would definitely be the answer.

Other romantic places in the capital are:

  • Moscow Hot air balloon, for the privacy and more challenging
  • Moscow River Cruise, exploring the richness and the beautiful city view
  • Patriarch Ponds, enjoy the Chelsea feels like atmosphere of Moscow
  • Hermitage garden, a perfect place with a huge silver heart as the symbol of love

3. Lake Baikal

For honeymoon couples, Lake Baikal will be a perfect romantic place to spend the night. Far from the city bustle, quite environment and remote village area spend two or three days there will be enough to recharge energy. The location of this lake is in the region of Siberian. This lake is famous with the pure fresh water also the oldest and deepest lake in the world. You can visit this in any season, during summertime to enjoy wild water sport and in the winter season, Lake Baikal would make you mesmerize as the fairy tale landscape covered with snow.

Other places to visit are:

  • Chara Sands, small romantic landscape of Siberian desert with beautiful atmosphere and beautiful sunset.

4. Vladivostok

This place is a must visit especially when you are on your way of exploring far eastern Russia by Trans-Siberian railway. This place offers more coastal landscape, mountain terrains, wonderful bays and also romantic lighthouse in the seashore. The best season to visit is at the summer time to be really enjoyed the scenery with right weather.

Places you can’t miss:

  • Ploschad Bortsov Revolutsy (Central Square), just leisurely enjoy your me time
  • Tobizin Cape, best spot for romantic wefie shot.

5. Suzdal

Suzdal belong to the Suzdalsky District in the territory of Vladimir Oblast. It is situated about 250 km from Moscow and this small town is also known as the smallest Golden Ring Town in Russia. Being one of the oldest Russian towns, the city still maintains the original heritage building from the 12th century. In this town you can explore the ancient romantic atmosphere with the background of traditional wooden house, with the original architecture along with nice peoples and environments. What makes this place unique and romantic is that you can buy traditional Russian costumes with your partner and spend holiday with the feeling of become prince and princesses.  Pose for beautiful lifetime memories.

Other romantic places:

  • Old Kremlin of Suzdal

6. St. Petersburg

Considered as the second romantic cities in Russia, St. Petersburg offers a never-ending beautiful city views and cultural heritages. This city is very recommended for newlywed traveler, where romantic places can be easily found in the city. For instance at the St. Petersburg’s Bridge of Kisses, this is a place symbolize the eternity of love by lips locked. The local said that the longer you kiss someone here, the longer your relationship will be with him or her. No wonder, in harmony with the romantic atmosphere, the view of St. Isaac’s Cathedral the great would add more pleasant feeling between the couples.

Don’t miss other romantic places in St. Petersburg:

  • Peterhof – a suitable place for ties the knot with the partner
  • Tavrichesky Orangery – Russian green paradise in the city

7. Lagonaki Plateau

Interested to make a peace journey to the beautiful green landscape and spend the day with your lover? With 2 dollars only, you can enjoy the Caucasian biosphere reserve alongside the alpine meadows, boxwood groves and luminous streams. For the best view, climb on the cliff’s edge and see the sunset in peace while making a purpose.

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