5 Things You Should Never Do While One A Date With Russian Women

talkative manWhen talking about women, it will always be interesting. Because it is indeed a fact that women are a mystery in this world. Women are God’s creatures that are very interesting. So that when you like a woman you definitely want to get and conquer her heart. But getting a woman’s heart is not easy. Every woman has a different attitude. However, do you know that women’s attitudes can also be influenced by the culture in their country of residence? Because not only women, culture can indeed influence one’s mindset and attitude.

Every human being must have fallen in love. Moreover, adults who already want to undergo a serious relationship. Looking for lovers is something that must be done. And to have a lover, of course you have to go on a date as a tackle with him. And for those of you who want to have a lover from Russia, there are some things you must understand from them.

Russia is a very famous country with beautiful girls. They really have a charm that is very attractive to men. Physically, they are arguably perfect. Perfect and charming eyes, ideal body, charming smile, and beautiful hair. Not just physical, Russian women also have a very attractive attitude. They are famous for their intelligence and concern for appearance. Dressing up and using good clothes is a must. In addition, they also value other people and are very loyal. Very interesting, right?

For those of you who want to date them, there are a number of ways you should pay attention. And in this article we will discuss in full 5 things you should never do while one a date with Russian Women.

1. Give Her An Even Number Of Flowers

The first thing you should avoid when dating a Russian woman is not to give her an even number. Maybe this sounds weird. Because flowers are a symbol of love. And often we see a lover giving flowers to his lover as a symbol of love and affection. We see it in real life or in movies. However, you should not do this when you are dating a Russian woman. And if you want to give them flowers, it must be an odd number.

Every country has its own culture. And Russia is a country that believes a lot that might sound strange to us. But that is culture, no one can underestimate it. In accordance with the beliefs of each individual.

For Russian women, when you give them an even number of flowers, you are sad and disappointed to date her. They consider flowers in even numbers to be a symbol of grief. Flowers in even numbers will cause bad luck for anyone who receives it. Because when someone dies, they give an even number of flowers. So, when you date a Russian woman, you should not do this. You can give them an odd or very large amount of flowers. So they can’t count it. Or you can show your love in other ways. Like paying for dinner on a date. Because in Russia, paying for dinner for women is one form of respect for them.

2. Dating With Chaotic Appearance

Appearance is the most important thing for Russian people. They always use their best clothes on every occasion. So, when you date a Russian woman will definitely use their best clothes. even though it’s only dinner, they will use a dress with high heels. They will dress as best they can. Of course you have to do this too. You must look neat when dating them.

Their ideal men are not men with muscular muscles or men who go to salons to improve their appearance. Your neat appearance is enough for them. When you date a messy appearance, they assume you don’t appreciate her. This is very important for you so that your Russian girlfriend is more comfortable in having a relationship with you.

3. Talk A Lot

When you date them, you do not need to tell things that are not important and none of your business. This will make them want to go home soon and end the date with you. Russian women really admire men. They always think that men can make something big. But not with men who talk a lot. How can you make something big just talk a lot?

However, that does not mean you cannot chat on a date. When dating, things you can talk about yourself, your family, or ask about your girlfriend and her daily life. This will make them feel you consider them important people in your life. Never tell others about the ugliness of them. this will be a bad judgment for you. Because Russian people really value other people and don’t care about the ugliness of others.

4. Too Cool

The next thing you should pay attention to when dating Russian women is not to be too ignorant of them. they really don’t like men who talk a lot, but men are too ignorant they also don’t like it. Russian women are known for their fear. But, when with people they love, they will be very caring and very open to their lives. And you have to do the same thing.

You don’t need to do big things to them. they prefer small, romantic things. Pay attention to them. when dating, you can open the car door for your lover, open the coat, and hold her hands when walking. That way, they assume you respect and protect them. because Russia really respects men, and this is why they reject gender equality.

You don’t need to give them a fancy gift, with such small attention they feel you are a romantic person. Simple, right?

5. Anger When She Comes Late

When you are dating a Russian woman, don’t ever scold her when she comes late. Because this is a normal thing there. And Russian mothers always advise their daughters to come late on a date. They will give many reasons. Like because choosing the right shoes, clothes that fit, or stuck in traffic.

You just need to smile and not ask further why it’s too late. They consider it impolite. Because usually they will intentionally come late. They don’t want to look like they really want the date by coming on time. Even though they really want to.

Those are 5 things you should never do while one a date with Russian women. Russian women are very unique. However, if you really love her, you must accept her and treat her well as she wants.

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