Drink Tea with Style: 5 Famous Russian Tea Cups

Drinking tea is an activity that people like. This activity is often done while relaxing with family. The way each person drinks tea varies.

In some countries in the world, some have their own traditions in drinking tea. Included with the tea set used to enjoy the tea. Each country has its own style and it is a characteristic of the country. Likewise, in Russia.

There are several types of cups of tea in Russia that can make your tea drinking activities become stylish. If you are curious, then let’s look at the famous Russian tea cups that will make you stylish while drinking tea.

For some people, drinking tea feels mediocre without something special. Although the actual tea drinking can also be done in several ways to make it look stylish. Many people have their own ways to stay stylish even though they are drinking tea. One way they are doing is using a tea set that is unique and beautiful.

In several countries around the world, there are many types of tea cups used. Whether it’s an ordinary cup or a cup that has an artistic element. People living in the country make the most of their tea cups to make their tea more interesting and enjoyable.

The same is true for people in Russia. The Russians have their own way to enjoy tea. It also got the influence of the tradition of drinking tea in Russia. But for people who want to enjoy tea with unique and beautiful tea cups, they can consider tea cups typical of Russia.

There are many types of tea cups that are famous in Russia. And there may still be many people who do not know about any of the famous tea cup in Russia. To provide information to you about tea cups that can support your style when drinking tea, this article will discuss drinking tea in the style of using 5 famous Russian tea cups.

  • Podstakannik

Podstakannik is a tea glass holder that has a handle. Usually this is made of metal or silver. Podstakannik is used as a glass handle when you are enjoying a glass of hot tea. This still has an influence from the culture of tea drinking in Russia.

In the past, Podstakannik was an expensive object that was only used by rich people and nobles. You will easily find Podstakannik when you take the Russian train. This glass holder looks beautiful and is also classic because of the carvings that surround Podstakannik. Podstakannik is also included as a popular item in tea drinking activities. By using Podstakannik, your tea drinking activities will be more stylish.

  • Russian Lomonosov Porcelain Tea Cup

Russian Lomonosov Porcelain tea cup is a tea cup made of ceramic which is hand painted. This teacup comes from Saint Petersburg. The name Lomonosov is taken from the name of the factory that produces this ceramic tea cup. Now the factory is known as Imperial Porcelain Manufactory (IPM).

The Russian Lomonosov Porcelain Tea Cup is one of the famous tea cups in Russia. It has a unique, classic and elegant design. One well-known pattern is the tea cup with the cobalt net pattern. This pattern is in the form of blue nets. Even though it has a net pattern, that’s where the attraction is. These cups of tea will make your tea drinking activities become more stylish.

  • Khokhloma Tea Cup

Khokhloma tea cup is a tea cup made of wood. This tea cup is one of the forms of Khokhloma handicrafts. This is a typical Russian wooden painting craft that has a flower, berry and leaf pattern design. Paintings in Khokhloma use a golden background.

This Khokhloma tea cup looks a little heavier because it looks like it is made of metal. Though Khokhloma tea cup is made of wood. Paintings on Khokhloma tea cup also have themes of nature, culture and fairy tales. This will make your tea cup look classic but also elegant. Khokhloma tea cup is suitable for those of you who want to style when drinking tea.

  • Russian Enamel Tea Cup

The Russian Enamel tea cup is a type of tea cup that almost resembles a tea cup made of porcelain. Actually, the Russian Enamel tea cup is made of metal which is covered in porcelain inside. So, this is a type of tea cup which is a combination of porcelain and metal.

The designs on the Russian Enamel tea cup also vary. Some have plain designs and some have designs that are similar to designs on porcelain tea cups. At first glance, of course there will be some people who mistakenly think about this tea cup base material. You can also use this as another option so that your tea drinking is more stylish.

  • Granyonyi Stakan

Granyonyi Stakan or also known as Table-glass is a tea cup made of glass that is very thick and hard. This is one type of tea cup that is common in Russia and the former Soviet Union. Granyonyi This stakan has a faceted shape. This includes the simplest cup of tea.

Granyonyi Stakan has advantages that are difficult to break. You can also combine this Granyonyi Stakan along with Podstakannik. Besides being used as a cup of tea, Granyonyi Stakan can also be used for different types of beverages. It is also suitable for use on trains. Although simple, but Granyonyi Stakan can also make your tea drinking activities more stylish.

And maybe there are still some of all you need to know about famous Russian tea cups that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about drinking tea in the style of using 5 famous Russian tea cups. Which one is your favorite?

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