The Craziest Life Experience in Yekaterinburg 

Old Yekaterinburg is a riddle of a city, one that does not uncover its secrets to simply anybody. However, if you are still curious about the possible craziest life experience you could encounter in Yekaterinburg, then keep on reading. It is because in this article, we have rounded up several surprising spots in this city which are once appeared to travellers as something crazy.  

So, without further ado, let us jump right in.

1. Shartashskaya Stone Tent  

Inside Yekaterinburg’s breaking points, there is an old conciliatory spot, a metallurgical base, and an ostensible focal point of Neolithic ancient settlements which can all be found at the Shartashskaya Stone Tents site, including immense rock stones and uncommonly moulded skerries taking after mammoth noses. 

There, you can distinctively envision how antiquated pagan religions rehearsed their rituals by exploring the passage to the haven, the stone bowl where unfortunate casualties were relinquished, and a rock amphitheatre. As a side note, the ruthless progressive, Yakov Sverdlov, who drove the Bolshevik associations in the Urals, held a prohibited secret meeting of Bolsheviks there in 1905. 

It is worth referencing that the Stone Tents are encompassed by the pleasant Shartashskaya Park, an excellent wild which is arranged straightforwardly behind the town. The heart of the park is Lake Shartash along whose banks were situated up to ten distinctive old houses and locales from the third thousand years BC. Presently, these houses are joined by sea shores, vessel docks, restaurants, and strolling ways. 

2. Tanks in the Yard of a Residential Building on Vysotsky Street  

Seeing tanks in Russia will not actually astound anybody. Reinforced vehicles can be found at military schools, in parks and exhibition halls, on school grounds, and even in the yards of common private structures in a neighbourhood. A perfect example is the yard at 18 Vysotsky Street. Rather than a play area, two genuine fight tanks from the Soviet time stand.  

On the off chance that you look carefully, you can see that the tanks are introduced on a platform and, as needs be, are a landmark of military magnificence. They probably were planned as a remembrance to Word War II. Quite a while prior, an association attempted to expel the tanks from the private yard. However, local people savagely safeguarded them by encompassing them with their own vehicles to square access and by arranging rallies that pulled in media attention.  

3. Cable Car to the Past 

The craziest course in Yekaterinburg can absolutely be viewed as the single-track tramline to Zeleny Ostrov. It is important that the 4-kilometer course has not changed since 1935. Along these lines, the cable car ought to be seen not just as a means for transportation yet additionally as a time machine where one can dive into the environment of totally various periods. 

Similarly, as it was numerous years prior, a token framework still works the traffic control. The cable car goes through the city roads and along the picturesque coastal Verkh-Isetsky lake. In the late spring, the track crosses a brood of wild ducks every so often. Two vehicles, working with brief interims, cross each other ordinarily day by day at the intersection. 

Documented photographs show that this course is likewise the first in the territory. In this way, on the off chance that you are burnt out on the clamour of the huge city and need to see the edges of memorable Yekaterinburg, take the old shaking cable car No.11. 

Tips to Follow Before Going Through the Craziest Life Experience in Yekaterinburg  

  • Be prepared for an unusual labyrinth of lanes. Narodnaya Volya Street shows up out of the blue and afterward vanishes into nowhere multiple times. The supernatural Krestinsky Street itself is sometimes parallel, opposite, and crosses Schwartz Street twice. Chutskaev Street runs parallel, opposite, and crosses to itself multiple times. 
  • Try not to drink uncooked tap water.  
  • Ticks are the most dynamic during the warm months and they can even discover you inside the areas of Yekaterinburg. In the event that you discover one of these bloodsuckers, do not attempt to expel it yourself. See a specialist instead.  
  • Do not let your guard down. Yekaterinburg is a major city with all the ordinary dangers. 

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