10 Undeniable Reasons to Visit Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is also known as Ekaterinburg. It is 4th big city in Russia that is located in the frontier of Europe and Asia. It is the famous city in Russia as a city that produces steels. Even though it has atmosphere of steel industry, it does not become a city that is not suitable to be visited. Even, you have to visit it. These10 Undeniable Reasons to Visit Yekaterinburg :

1. The beauty of Architecture

Yekaterinburg is not only famous with its steel industry, but it is also famous with its architecture.  The architecture of it is unique and beauty. You can find it in manor houses, memorial places, and palaces but unfortunately a lot of of them have been destroyed in Soviet era so that Yekaterinburg lose its original charm and beauty. Eventhough a lot of architecture of buildings had destroyed, it still has some of  relics that are maintened and be treated, such as Zheleznova Rastorguev-Kharitonov House, Sevasttyanova County Courthouse, Novo-Tikhvin Monastery, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and the Great King’s Bridge and Chrysostom.

2. The Unique and The Beauty of Yekaterinburg Arena

In 2018, the world cup is held in Russia, specifically in Yekaterinburg arena. FIFA as an organizer of the world cup in 2018 requests every arena that becomes the host of world cup have to has a minimum seating capacity 3.500 seats, whereas it has a seating capasity is around 2.700 seats so that it is renovated. After renovating, seating capacity becomes 4.500 seats with the existence of outdoor tribune in arena. The existence of outdoor tribune makes spectators giving their positive and negative comments.

The existence of outdoor tribune makes spectators thinking about the safety of spectators. They are afraid if the spectators who are watching in outdoor tribune, they will suffer from cold or shiver as long as they watch because Yekaterinburg is one of cities in Russia that has cold weather. In addition, Russia has fanatical supporters who are famous with their action. When they feel be disturbed by someone’s presence in arena, they will not mind to ignite the fire of contention. So, it is dangerous if some of people who are in outdoor tribune being the target of anger of Russian fanatical supporter.

On the other hand, the existence of outdoor tribune gives an unique sensation for spectators because the position of outdoor tribune that makes them are like someone is watching a big television. Beside that, when you sit in the top of outdoor tribune, you are not only able to see field and footballer, but you are also able to see the arch of the arena, the atmosphere around the arena, and the beautiful city view.

Because of the unique and and the beauty of Yekaterinburg arena, the writer recommend this place to be visited. Moreover, you can only walk a few minutes, you can find many hotels and apartments. So, this place is good to be visited and be one of reasons why you have to visit Yekaterinburg. Read also Best Stadium in Russia for Soccer and Favorite Stadiums by Visitor of World Cup 2018 in Russia.

3. Having Famous Theater and Ballet

Yekaterinburg is the house of ballet and theater. So, you like go to the opera theater, the writer high recommend you to go to here because Yekaterinburg State Academical Opera and Ballet Theater is a famous place for performances based on classical plays, modern versions and experiments. In addition, it has comfortable seats, nice food in halls, nice artists and beautiful architecture of the exterior and interior.

  • Having a lot of Museums

One of reasons why you have to visit yekaterinburg is the tourist attractions in Russia; a lot of museums that exist in Russia such as Kremlin Museum, State History Museum, Pushkin Fine Art Museum, Art Deco Museum, AZ Museum, Multimedia Art Museum, Jewish Museum, Moscow Museum, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Tretyakov Gallery Museum and soon. In Yekaterinburgh, you can find some museums that are interesting and extraordinary;

4. Miltary Technology Museum

Military technology museum has roomy around 7.000 square metre that offers the exhibition of rare military and civilian in the world war II and past war years ago. In addition, there are various of military equipment type in the era of world war I until present in there. For clearly, it has 3 floors in which every floor is dedicated to a specific collection. The first floor offers a view of armoured cars, military vehicles and artillery platforms in world war II. The second floor offers a view of vehicles that are produced by Soviet industry in the pasca of war. The third floor offers a view of light weapons, uniforms, and the history of Russia’s military award system.

5. Museum of Fine Arts

The writer recommend Museum of fine arts for you who like arts because this place offers the collections of the west European arts in XIV-XIX centuries, the Russian arts in the XVII – early XX centuries, Russian avant-garde and jewelleries that are made by local artists. Furthermore, the main masterpiece is the Kasli cast-iron pavilion that was made for the International exhibition in 1900 that was held in Paris. It does not only offer arts in past years but it also offers arts in present because it always develop by adding its collection for telling the art development of their mother land.

6. Ural Geological Museum

Ural Geological Museum is the youngest museum in Russia. It is offers the collection of over 500 ores, crystals and gemstones, such as green beryl, emeralds, gold, diamonds and crystal. The main aim of it is accumulation, investigation, systematization of rock material of Ural and maintenance for the next generations.

7. Stone Cutting and Jewellery Museum

In the past years, Ural has tradition of stone cutting in which it is found in mountain range. Because of it, the stone cutting and jewellery museum is established to present the collection of artwork, ornaments, jewellery and unique collection of stones that are made by the prominent local artist. Beside that, there is a room that is dediated to emeralds. So, if you like various of stones and jewelery, do not forget to visit this place.

8. Yeltsin Centre

You can study a contemporary Russian history in Yeltsin Centre. The name of Yeltsin is used as the name of museum because it was established after the federation’s first president and local lad “Boris Yeltsin”.

Yeltsin centre has a library, exhibition room, and cafe. All of them are located in a gleaming new building with advanced facilities. By the existing of advanced facilities, it is expected to preserve Yeltsin’s political legacy because it is dedicated to the contemporary political history of Russia and the first president.

9. United Museum of Ural Writer

Museum in Yekaterinburg does not only offer the collection of military vehicles, arts, the results of earth, and contemporary Russian history, but it also offers the history of literature. For you who like literature, the writer recommend this museum. This museum is one of the largest literary museums in Russia that is located in Yekaterinburg. In this museum, you can find scientific, research work, book presentations and literature evenings. Almost all of the buildings are situated within the Literary block. In this case, you have to know that this museum is dedicated to Ural writers for showing off the history of fine literature in the region. So, it is suitable for you who like literature.

10. Unique Monuments

In Yekaterinburg, you can find monuments and sculptures in public area, such as QWERTY monument, the Beatles monument, Vladimir Vysotsky monument, Marina Vlady monument, the sculpture of Artamonov, the sculptures of the station workers, the sculptures of an invisible man and another monuments that is offered in public places. So, if you like taking a picture to be posted in social media or to be immortalized as memories, this place is a suitable place for you.

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