Educational Places in Yekaterinburg; Travelling for Enrichment Your Insights

It is common knowledge that Russia has one of the best education levels in the world. The literacy if very high and most Russian generally have high education up to University. The government make sure of it. From having a great number of schools and Universities that they are so vast. Cities big or small have their own public University so Russian do not necessary have to go to big cities to get higher education. Even International students are welcome to fill in empty seats. Russian Values Of Education In Russia as high as the food in the table and the air they breathe. So, no wonder the country is either all about education, culture and everything in between.

Visit Yekaterinburg For Educational Traveling

The educational places you can find not only in the capital city but all equally divided in their cities even in a small town. So Russian do not flock to the big cities such as Moscow or Saint Peterburg, they can receive them in other places. Such as Yekaterinburg, the main administrative and educational centre of the Urals that situate farthest from the country centre. Its unique spot award it as “The Window to Asia” as well as “The Capital of the Urals”. 

So many things going on in Yekaterinburg historically, culturally and of course educationally. Then you will find out if All Myths About Study In Russia Is It Necessary To Catch The Truth.  Travelling through the city and learning while travelling is something that even traveller with kids can do. It beats spending all day sitting class and change the option by looking into the museum and all the historical places and magnificent architectural. School has always been an important part of all Russian, they do not lack implementation and real-life experience. There are many things that people can learn by travelling, experiencing first-hand cultural events, or just enjoying the magnificent architectural both ancient and modern. Here are some places in Yekaterinburg to enrichen your knowledge. 

1. Travel Through The City

Yekaterinburg or some Russian due to their pronunciation also now the city as Ekaterinburg. Remember this fact well because some train or bus route marks the city as Ekaterinburg. It became a strategically important city providing a connection between European and Asian parts of the country. Ekaterinburg is in a moderate zone where it is not too cold or too hot. People can come here by the Trans Siberian train or the local bus. Even the metro stations system can take you to this place from Moscow. The long list of history behind the transportation system and the Facts About Yekaterinburg Metro is another fascinating thing to learn about. Even the journey itself is already educational enough. 

2. Explore the City

Residents of Yekaterinburg are very proud of their city. To help traveller get around there is the Red Line Walking Tour that people can do without finding a guide. It is surely a great Tips For Tourist Easy Way To Travel Around Russia. Just look out for self-guided route that can be followed through the city best attraction. In Yekaterinburg, there is a 5.5-kilometre circular route that highlights the best sites. You can go with your own pace, and not have to be worry to get lost or slowing down the tour entourage. The tour starts at the Square, pass the embankment and the State Opera and Ballet and all the key monument. Or if you want more freedom, just walk around the city and let your feet lead the way. Many things will capture your attention. 

3. Museum Hopping

There are many museums in Yekaterinburg that people can visit. They hold a certain period part in time that shapes the city for what it is today. There are many Reasons To Visit Yekaterinburg, from how it gets its name, the Russian war, transportation, even the fall of Romanov happened in the city. It also a melting pot for European and Asian culture that makes an interesting thing to look into.

  • Yekaterinburg History Museum, you can have a quick study on city history from the 18th and 19th centuries. Most exhibits are in English which makes it easier for non-Russian to understand. How the city got the name from Catherine the second, and plenty more information about the beautiful city.
  • Urals Military History Museum, people should learn from history. The best reason is not to repeat it. The multicultural ras and vast geography makes Russia prone to war. So, this military museum is a great reminder of what war does to people and places.
  • Museum of Architectural And Design, the star of Yekaterinburg series of museums that capture the present. People can learn from the past and need to move forward to the future. This museum display all the industrial achievement that the city transform into. From the first ironworks in 1723 which what, the museum used to be to the current Industrial buildings throughout Yekaterinburg’s history.

4. Sad Part of History

There are many sad ambiences in the city that people can learn from. Visiting some of these places that have a great impact in history is something no books can teach. 

  • The Church Of The Blood,The brutal past is portrayed in this place of praying. It is the site where the last Emperor and his family were killed after being imprisoned in Yekaterinburg for some time. it also ended the era of the Emperor and change Russia.
  • The Black Tulip Memorial,Another sight of how war influence a nation and it’s lost. Pay respects to the soldiers died in the War in Afghanistan and the Chechen War. The monument is located in an open-air area with a great view surrounding it. Visiting it can bring emotional feelings also educational talks about war and its influence. 

Most cities in Russia have they very own Theater and Ballet, museum, universities and city square. It pretty much sums up all you need to see in one place. Yet, Yekaterinburg holds plenty of educational places that keeping in line with Russia’s culture, architectural and everyday life. The country appreciates many things and tourist certainly can value them also.

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