4 Luxurious Marriage Traditions in Russia

Marriage is one of the biggest moments in many people life. Many people choose to celebrate it in traditional ways, others choose to do it with more modern touches. Whether you choose the first one or the later one is not a problem. Everybody can decide on how they want to celebrate their wedding day. […]

Wedding Dress Traditions of Russian Bride

Talking about marriage, of course there are many things that must be prepared by the bride and groom and their family. Starting from the date of the wedding, building, food and beverage, wedding dresses and more. Even still, some wedding couples who use the custom before or at the time of their wedding day. This […]

8 Traditions of Russian-Jewish Wedding In Russia

ews are a Jewish belief that is to believe in the form of the Almighty God, the creator of the world who dictated the nation of Israel from the oppression of Egypt, decreed God’s law to them, and chose them as a light to humans throughout the world. This belief is spread throughout the world, […]

7 Traditional Wedding Ceremony In Siberia, Russia

Marriage is an event that is expected to only happen for life and is something very valuable. Marriage is a happy day for two people who love each other. And they finally united. Then marriage is a holy day full of love that must be welcomed with joy. Therefore, there are lots of traditions to […]

6 Astonishing Muslim Wedding Traditions In Tatarstan, Russia

Russia is one country that has many religions and beliefs. Russia frees all its inhabitants to embrace any religion as long as it does not rebel the country. Very different when Russia was controlled by the Soviet regime. At that time religion was not permitted, and all celebrations had to be based on the state. […]

4 Facts of Affordable Wedding Traditions For Most Newlyweds In Russia

Tradition is a pride and a necessity for most people. Until now, there are still many people who use tradition in various events. Like births, birthdays, or weddings. Because tradition contains hope and prayer about a celebration. So, tradition must be done for most people. And one tradition that is still widely practiced is the […]

7 Beautiful Tradition Of Wedding Customs In Dagestan, Russia

Culture and tradition are something that is very valuable and must always be maintained. Tradition is a witness of the length of history that has been traversed by a nation or country. And sometimes, the tradition is considered to result in something bad happening if it is not done. In accordance with their respective beliefs. […]

6 Facts of Wedding Traditions In Ingushetia, Russia

Wedding tradition is a tradition that many people still do in various parts of the world. The wedding tradition is not time-consuming. Not just done, but the tradition of marriage is still considered important. Likewise with the Russian people who still carry out various traditions on their wedding day. Russia is a country rich in […]