Wedding Dress Traditions of Russian Bride

Talking about marriage, of course there are many things that must be prepared by the bride and groom and their family. Starting from the date of the wedding, building, food and beverage, wedding dresses and more.

Even still, some wedding couples who use the custom before or at the time of their wedding day. This custom is certainly different from one country to another and different from one city to another.

Similarly, with both the bride and groom were in Russia. There are also customary traditions carried out by couples who want to get married. One of the things that is prepared and a concern is the bride’s wedding dress.

In Russia itself, there is a tradition of wedding dresses from the past to the present. To add more information to you about the wedding dress in Russia, then let’s see about the wedding dress traditions of Russian bride.

The wedding moment is the most important moment in everyone’s life. Especially women. All women certainly want to be the best on their wedding day. They will prepare themselves as well as they can. Included in preparing a wedding dress that they will use during the wedding.

In Russia, wedding dresses get some changes from time to time. The change from the model wedding dress to the color of the wedding dress itself. Some people might still be wondering about what Russian wedding dresses were like in the past.

Therefore, in this article I will discuss about the wedding dress traditions of Russian bride.

  • Wedding Dresses in Russia In the Past Are Colorful

At weddings in the past in Russia, wedding dresses used to be very colorful. But the dominant color used is red. The white color is often used in wedding dresses at this time, was not used because the white color is regarded as a sacred color. It is not suitable for use in the wedding celebration.

In some regions in Russia, the bride usually uses two types of wedding dresses. The first dress is used before the wedding service event. The first wedding dress is usually very simple, the colors used are sometimes all black. While the second dress is used after the wedding service. This second wedding dress is always red to symbolize the joy of the bride.

  • Wedding Dresses in Russia Consists of Sarafan And Blouses

Wedding dress in Russia in the past still consists of Sarafan and using blouses. Sarafan is a traditional Russian dress that is long and has no arms. But it has a thin strap on the shoulder. Sarafan was also used as an everyday dress of Russian citizens. For weddings, this dress has a different decoration.

There are some provinces in Russia who use the Sarafan with the sleeves blouse that has a length of nearly 2 meters. But the blouse has a hole that is made specifically for the bride’s hand. Locals have belief if the bridegroom cannot touch the bride’s bare hands.

  • Headdress Used by Brides in Russia

In addition to using wedding dresses, brides in Russia also use ornaments on their heads. Headdress used by the bride it is made of metal headband tied around the head on the back of the head. Until finally Kokoshnik began to appear as a headdress used in marriage.

In northern Russia, the bride’s crown or headdress is studded with round beads. The beads are made of gold thread. Local residents have hope if the newly married bride can have as many children as there are beads on the bride’s crown. In the 16th century, the headdress used at the wedding was still made of gold, silver, bronze and iron. When times have progressed, brides in Russia have begun to use pendants and attach it to the headdress they use.

  • Dresses for Brides from Nobility in Russia

If married brides are still included in the noble family or prince’s family, that is of particular concern for the wedding dress they use. This bride from a noble family had to wear a thick brocade coat with gold embroidery on her coat. The bride should be wearing coats and dresses which can weigh up to 15 kilograms. Just by imagining it is very heavy, is not it?

In addition to a coat, the bride’s wedding dress is also made of brocade embroidered with pearls and trimmed with fur. It looks very elegant. But even though it looks beautiful and elegant, the bride must be prepared to wear heavy dresses and coats during the wedding.

  • Changing Wedding Dresses in Russia That Follow European Style

Until the 16th and 17th centuries, the tradition of wedding dresses in Russia still used Sarafan and Kokoshnik. Although the color that is on the wedding dress is not mandatory red. But the early 17th century, wedding dresses were in Russia began to follow European fashion. Although in rural areas Russia still retains the old fashion.

European style that began to influence the mode of bridal gowns in Russia has started publicly since the 18th century. The empresses in Russia who will get married use Rococo dresses. Even evening dresses also follow this style until French-style wedding dresses are gaining popularity in Russia.

  • Beginning of White Bride’s Dress in Russia

White Russian wedding dresses began to appear in the 60s. The bride at the time was wearing a simple straight dress that was white and trimmed with several straps. The bride will also wear a small hat with a wedding veil. It was like a European style.

In addition, the bride also brought a bouquet of white flowers. Beginning in 1980, in Russia began to appear the first wedding dress from abroad. The wedding dress began to become a modern wedding dress.

And maybe there are still some of wedding dress traditions of Russian bride that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out the wedding dress traditions of Russian bride.

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