4 Facts of Affordable Wedding Traditions For Most Newlyweds In Russia

russian newlywedsTradition is a pride and a necessity for most people. Until now, there are still many people who use tradition in various events. Like births, birthdays, or weddings. Because tradition contains hope and prayer about a celebration. So, tradition must be done for most people. And one tradition that is still widely practiced is the marriage tradition.

Wedding day is a sacred day and a day full of joy for the bride and groom. So that a tradition and custom must be carried out on that day. For those who still use tradition, they assume that if not done then something bad will happen. And that is of course according to their respective beliefs.

One country that still uses tradition in wedding ceremonies is Russia. Russia has many regions and each region has a special tradition during weddings. However, there are some traditions which are generally celebrated by every married Russian society. Tradition is also often used as an alternative because generally the Russian community holds a wedding on a large scale. couples with finance who simply choose to adopt western traditions, including priests, marriage vows, performances by famous performers, and special tents for guests. Of course that doesn’t suit the newlyweds who have not much money. While they have to build a household and have to have savings for the future. Then, what wedding traditions are affordable for newlyweds in Russia?

In this article, we will discuss more fully the facts about the tradition of marriage in Russia that are suitable for newlyweds. Here are 4 facts of affordable wedding traditions for most newlyweds in Russia.

1. The Bride Is Bought With The Groom’s Struggle

If you hear the word “purchase”, of course the first thing that comes to mind is money. Because money is something that can be used to buy what we want. However, Russian traditions prove that money is not the only one who can buy what we want.

This tradition is very suitable for newlyweds. Apart from not spending a lot of money this tradition can also be an entertainment for both the bride and groom and the guests who come. This tradition is the purchase of a bride. If the bride is usually bought with fancy dresses, jewelry, and a lot of money, then this tradition is not like that. The groom can get his queen with his struggle, without money at all.

The female relatives kidnap the bride. The bride can be returned as long as the groom wants to do some challenges from the bride’s friends. Like drinking lots of vodka, finding the bride’s shoes that are hidden, and other challenges. Of course this is very entertaining to guests and makes weddings an exciting event. Very affordable, right?

2. Proof Of Love

Of course a love must be proven if you want someone to believe in the love you have. Likewise Russian traditions do it. And this tradition is also very unique, proof of love is done by opening a towel. Embroidered towels are the most important Russian wedding tradition. Because this is a strong symbol of marriage. Russians believe that embroidered towels make the marriage inseparable forever.

The “proof of love” ritual is done with the groom tying the kitchen towel as strong as possible, as strong as his love for the bride. Then the groom must release the strong ties as easily as possible. This tradition means that the groom will always love his queen and will solve the problems they will face in the future easily, as easily as he opens the towel. Although simple, it turns out this tradition contains deep meaning and hope. Very sweet!

3. Round bread is a party symbol

The newlyweds will be very happy with this tradition, because it is very affordable and does not bother you. Wedding parties are usually symbolized by various luxuries and one of them is a delicious deluxe dish. Like beef dishes with delicious snacks and wine. However, the tradition in Russia symbolizes a party only with round bread which is certainly very affordable.

Usually they hire toastmasters to serve round bread for guests, not just making bread, toastmaster also performs various bakery shows that entertain both the bride and groom. Apart from round bread, there are also many other traditional foods and drinks which are also very affordable. So, the bride and groom don’t need to spend a lot of money to satisfy the guests. Guests will be very happy to be entertained with various toastmaster attractions and of course a very tasty round bread.

4. Enjoyable Entertainment Programs

Entertainment pickles in weddings are usually entertainment from singers and dancers who will certainly spend a lot of money. And newlyweds can use the following traditions to replace that. These traditions are also very entertaining and don’t spend a lot of money.

The first entertaining tradition is to guess the husband’s favorite food from the list given by the prospective mother-in-law. The host asks the groom’s mother what food her child likes at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then, the groom’s mother lists some types of food and the bride must guess what food her husband likes from the list. If successful, the bride is considered to have been very familiar with her husband and won the attention and respect of the prospective mother-in-law. And the bride gets a prize that is a delicious and healthy food recipe book.

And the second is the division of domestic work. Various kinds of goods are included in one bag, such as frying pan, broom, pan, iron, and fishing tools. Then the bride and groom took turns taking the items from the sack without looking. If the groom picks up a broom, then he is in charge of sweeping the house every day and if the bride takes a fishing tool, it is in charge of fishing for food. With this tradition, you don’t need to fight with your husband or your wife in dividing household chores. In addition, this event will also make guests laugh. Do you want to try it?

Those are 4 facts of affordable wedding traditions for most newlyweds in Russia. Russian newlyweds often use these traditions. Not only because it is affordable, tradition is a pride for them. and they are very happy to follow every tradition in weddings. For those of you newlyweds can also follow the way of a new Russian bride in saving money. You can use wedding traditions in your area that are affordable.

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