Get to Know Marriage Rituals of Moslem In Russia

Marriage is the most important moment in someone’s life. People who are getting married will prepare their marriage well. It must be the best celebration in the new life of all brides and grooms. Usually, every religion and belief have their own traditions of celebrating a wedding. Sometimes, in addition to religious preparation and the […]

4 Luxurious Marriage Traditions in Russia

Marriage is one of the biggest moments in many people life. Many people choose to celebrate it in traditional ways, others choose to do it with more modern touches. Whether you choose the first one or the later one is not a problem. Everybody can decide on how they want to celebrate their wedding day. […]

Marrying A Russian You Fall In Love With? Know These 9 Laws First

Have you ever heard about how love doesn’t discriminate? It knows no boundary. You can love anyone, regardless of where they’re from or what is their race. It could happen to someone and a random Russian guy or girl, for example. And that someone is you. Because why else you’re here reading this article. Congratulations, […]