6 Facts of Wedding Traditions In Ingushetia, Russia

ingushetia brideWedding tradition is a tradition that many people still do in various parts of the world. The wedding tradition is not time-consuming. Not just done, but the tradition of marriage is still considered important. Likewise with the Russian people who still carry out various traditions on their wedding day.

Russia is a country rich in tradition and art. Each region must have a distinctive tradition that distinguishes it from other regions. And each region still carries out these traditions. One of the Russian regions that still has a very thick tradition is Ingushetia. Ingushetia is a Russian federal subject name that has an area of ​​4,000 square kilometers. The area with thousands of cities in Magas is the most turbulent region in Russia. the poverty rate is very high in this area. However, of course poverty is not something that can prevent marriage.

The Ingushetia community continues to live as usual. And this area also has a dense population. And they still do marriages like other people. What is the tradition of marriage there? Ingushetia still does traditional marriages. And their traditions are also very unique and distinctive, like other regions in Russia.

In this article, we will provide a full explanation of how marriage in these turbulent regions. And of course it will add to your knowledge of the Russian state. Here are 6 facts of wedding traditions in Ingushetia, Russia.

1. Wedding Preparations

Marriage preparations began months before. The process starts with parents of prospective husbands who ask about the girl and all about her family. Male families are very selective in choosing prospective wives for their sons. When they find the right wife for their son, they will immediately apply. And if the woman wants to refuse an application from a male family, then she must reject it politely.

And it turns out, the two brides may not meet each other before the wedding day. They can only talk to each other by telephone. And usually the prospective husband will ask for the number of the prospective bride from her friends. They can meet, if many witnesses accompany him.

2. Party At The Bride’s House

After months of preparation, the celebration day began. First is the party at the bride’s house. Bride’s family members and friends prepare food and the bride appears before the photographer in her wedding gown. At this wedding, female guests will have fun posing, beating the bride. Then, a relative of the groom enters the house to pick up the bride and take her in the car.

3. A Gunfire Convoy

Relatives gather on the terrace. The car is turned on and the bride is taken to the groom’s house with a gunfire. Officially, this gunfire procession has been banned, but many people still do it. Every driver on the motorcade tries to take the place right behind the car with the bride. They believe that if they get closer to the bride’s car, they will get a good fortune and a good sign.

4. Party At The Groom’s House, Without The Groom

The bride and groom are still not allowed to meet before the wedding is over. The party at the groom’s house is done without the groom. The groom is hidden in the room. Women and men eat in separate rooms. The men’s desk is served by men. Only soft drinks are available, and sometimes there is alcohol to welcome guests from Moscow.

When the honorable guests gave solemn speeches, the bride was taken to the room to meet her new relatives. They welcomed the bride and comforted her. And the groom is not at all present at the wedding. And for those who can’t stand, they will peek from the window of the room. Guests who know pretending not to see. And they let the groom peek at the party.

5. Lezginka Dance

For the people of Ingushetia, marriage is not complete without lezginka dance. After dinner, guests moved to a large area. Large yard to watch Lezginka dance. Everyone in the caucasus danced. Each region has a different style in dancing Lezginka dances. It’s easy to recognize when this dance is danced by Avar, Ingush, or Lezgin. Because it has different characteristics.

Lezginka dance is almost the same as tango dance. And usually played by two people. But at weddings they often do it rollicking. This dance tells the story of an eagle that is a symbol of men and a goose which is a symbol of a woman floating away from a chasing predator, who is forbidden to touch it. This dance is very entertaining to guests with music that is pleasant to hear. Women, men and children, all the guests danced. usually the youngest guests who are most excited about dancing. some dance with a partner, with their mother, or with relatives. And old people will usually only watch on the corner of the page while clapping their hands, and occasionally they will dance.

6. Meeting The Bride And Groom

Finally, the two brides are allowed to meet after the celebration ends. They meet on their happy night. There will be lots of dowry chests and gifts that the bride gets and brought to her new home with her husband. When the night after the celebration comes, no one can separate them forever.

Ingushetia community wedding celebrations are very unique. Usually celebrations are moments for the two brides, but their traditions are different. Celebrations are more felt and enjoyed by guests. Both brides can only wait at night. However, longing for long separation makes their love stronger. That is the true meaning of the tradition of the ingushetia community.

Those are 6 facts of wedding traditions in Ingushetia, Russia. You are certainly very surprised to know the facts of marriage in the area. It’s truly unique and different from the usual wedding tradition. Thus we write this article to entertain and increase your knowledge about Russia. Can you stand not meeting your bride like an inguetian?

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