10 Most Favorite University in Russia for International Students

lomonosovFor international students, Russia is a great country to study. Russia has many respectable institutes of higher educations. Some of its universities ranked among the best in the world. Universities in Russia is standardized and accredited like most of the other European countries. Bachelor degree in Russia is a 4-year study while specialists degree takes 5 years to complete.

Tuition fees in Russian universities are relatively affordable compared to other countries. Apart from tuition fees, the cost of living in Russian cities is also low. Basic necessities such as housing for students is usually provided by the university at cheap rent. There are also various scholarships offered for international students. Know where to look for a scholarship, they are plenty.

Here is the list of 10 most favorite university in Russia for international students. Before deciding to study in Russia. Know basic information such as what city to live in and which study programs to choose. Study about Russian culture, climate, and weather. It’s also important to start learning basic Russian language.

1. Lomonosov Moscow State University

Moscow State University is the most prestigious higher education institution in Russia. The university was established in 1755. It has more than 40,000 students, 4,000 of whom are international. Moscow State University is ranked number one in Russia in term of academic reputation. Therefore LMSE is also a number one choice here in our list of 10 most favorite university in Russia for international students. The university has 13 Nobel laureates. Notable alumni include Mikhail Gorbachev, President of the Soviet Union and a Nobel peace prize winner.

2. Saint Petersburg State University

St Petersburg has always been a city of knowledge and enlightenment. This city is the best choice when it comes to choosing a city to study. Saint Petersburg State University, founded by Peter the Great in 1724, has been contributing to the city intellectual reputation for 300 years and more. Saint Petersburg State University is one of the oldest universities in Russia.

Saint Petersburg State University has eight Nobel prize winners. The current president of Russia Vladimir Putin and the prime minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, both are alumni of Saint Petersburg State University. Currently, There are around 30,000 students studying here. 3,000 of students here are international students.

3. Novosibirsk State University

Compared to the two universities above, Novosibirsk State University history is not as old. The university is established in 1959, so it is a relatively new institution. Although it’s below 100 years old, the university has gone popular in recent years due to its academic reputation. Among Russia, the recent ranking placed the university in the second rank after Moscow State University.

Novosibirsk State University is among the top 100 universities in physic and astronomy. In natural science, the university ranked the 63rd. The number of students is also small. The university has 6000 students in programs from bachelor, master, and doctorate.

4. Tomsk State University

Tomsk State University is considered the best university in Siberia Region. Located in the city of Tomsk, the university is founded in 1878. It is the oldest university in Siberia. The university has a high reputation in Russia. The university library has the most extensive collections, including thousands of manuscripts and rare books.

Tomsk itself is also a comfortable city to study. Tomsk is a student city. With around 500,000 of total inhabitants, the student population here is estimated at 100,000. Taking almost one-fifth of the city population, the students are spread across Tomsk’s six state universities. As for Tomsk State University itself, there are 23,000 students, with 2000 of them are international students.

5. Tomsk Polytechnic University

Also situated in Tomsk, Tomsk Polytechnic University is the oldest technical higher education institution in Siberia. The university offers programs in engineering, physics, mathematics, and other areas of applied science. All are spread in its 30 bachelor program and 36 master programs. There are 15,000 students studying here from 37 countries.

6. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) is one of the most leading universities in Russia. MIPT education is divided into 12 departments, covering a wide range of knowledge fields in fundamental and applied science. But the most prominent here is in the area of physics and technology. The university has several Nobel prize winners. The university also has several Russian cosmonauts as their alumni.

7. Ural Federal University

Ural Federal University is located in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Established in 1920, the university has around 35000 students, 2500 of them are international students. It’s one of the most prestigious university in the Eurasia region. There are 400 programs ranging from bachelors to doctoral programs. The university offers program taught in English too. This makes the university 10 most favorite university in Russia for international students.

8. Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University is situated in Kazan, Tartastan, Russia. It is founded in 1804, making it one of the oldest university in Russia. The university’s most famous program here is Mathematics. The first rector of this university is the famous mathematician Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky. Soviet leader Lenin was a student here too.

9. Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU)

Another university in Russia focusing on engineering fields and applied science. The university offers bachelor, master and Ph.D. programs in these technical fields. Bauman Moscow State Technical University is the second oldest university in Russia after Moscow State University. Its inception was initiated by Empress Catherine II in 1763. Notable alumni include Andrey Nikolaevich Tupolev and Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi, the designer of Tupolev and Sukhoi planes, respectively.

10. National Research University Higher School of Economics

National Research University Higher School of Economics the last of our 10 most favorite universities in Russia for international students. the university offer courses taught in English. The university actively invites international student and also offer scholarships. there are 52 bachelor programs and 166 master programs. As the name implies, the most leading program to study here is economic sciences.

So that is the list of 10 most favorite university in Russia for international students. Studying in Russia is an interesting experience. There is an endless list of universities to choose from, and many beautiful cities to live in. To begin the enrollment process, visit the official website of the university. Read the guideline and prepare the documents needed. Good luck!

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