9 Best Places to Enjoy and Celebrate White Night Festival in Russia

The White Night Festival in Russia is a morph of culture, arts, and music that provides you one of the richest experiences around. The night when Russian people celebrate White Night Festival, the streets of St. Petersburg, come alive with colorful carnivals and performances by several world’s most talented artists. It takes place during the season of the midnight sun, allowing the millions of festival-goers the opportunity to visit it each year. It is the world’s one and only metropolis city where such unique phenomenon takes place every summer. Every year, there are moments when the downtown St. Petersburg is packed with people, even at night. It truly is a great time for couples and High School graduates. St. Petersburg also offers places where you can enjoy the night, but there are 9 best places to enjoy and celebrate White Night Festival in Russia. This article could be useful for you, especially if you have never been there before. Check it out!

  1. Palace Square

From classical opera music to fireworks parties, jazz festivals to literary events, there is no shortage of culture to take in. One of the notable festival highlights, however, is the performance series by most talented international music artists in the Palace Square. It becomes home to several international music world’s most popular stars. The square has been booked for official military parades and other major demonstrations, and has also been the spot of concerts by legendary musicians.

  1. Neva River

The peak of the White Night Festival in St. Petersburg is the Scarlet Sails in the Neva River. It is literally one of the best-attended public occasions in all of Russia. Historically speaking, it was held during the solstice, since the occasion is a tradition that dates to the end of WWII, though recent years have seen it take on new levels of showmanship. You can expect a huge fireworks show over the Neva River, combined with the display of a real sailing ship with scarlet sails and talented musicians flashing their talents from temporary stages along the riverbanks. Also, what could be more romantic than strolling along the river and canal when the night’s sky is as bright as early evening anyway?

  1. Mariinsky Theatre

Most of the events in the city during the celebration of White Night Festival are organized under the big banner of the White Nights Festival which stretches loosely from May to July. You can expect a bit of pomp and high culture throughout the night. All the art performances are showed in the Stars of the White Night festival which is held annually at the Mariinsky Theatre. The event will include performances by top balletic, symphonic, and operatic talents. The annual Stars of the White Nights Festival gets an inspiration for its title from the short summer season when the sun hardly sets, and the beauty of the white night phenomenon contributes to the special atmosphere.

  1. Jazz Philharmonic Hall

It is publicly known that St. Petersburg is the right city for jazz aficionados, especially during White Night Festival. There is the Annual International Jazz Festival that sets the stage for impressive feats of enhancement in the middle of the White Night Festival. The Jazz Philharmonic Hall will be the host to national and international artists.

  1. City’s Streets

Aside from riverboat cruisers, midnight flâneurs, and picnickers, there are also carnivals and concerts performed in the streets, celebrations of art and culture, and plenty of other long-lasting public events. For foreign tourists, it is easy to get swept up in the spirit of festival and joining in is as simple as going for a wander around the city’s streets. There is even White Night Marathon, making use of the good weather to host fleets of competitors as they wind their way through the city’s streets. Or else, you can just stake out a spot along the city’s street to watch the festival puff past.

  1. Suburb of Peterhof

The carnivals during the White Night Festival also allow both children and adults to engage in traditional games. The biggest carnival is held in the suburb of Peterhof where historical figures and occasions are reenacted by actors. It is known for its highly artistic productions of the historic events that happened at the palaces.

  1. Summer Garden

The Summer Garden has been especially designed for mild strolls during summer days. You can walk along its shady avenues with classical white marble statues and grand fountains as its decorations. It is a quintessential experience you can have in St. Petersburg’s Summer Garden, especially when White Night Festival is still running. However, you can visit it during the day, too. It would be another great since it is a favorite sun-lovers’ hangout spot.

  1. Lake Ladoga

Lake Ladoga, also source of the Neva River, is a short train ride from St. Petersburg, and its forested banks are a favorite summer destination for picnics, canoe paddles, and cooling swims during White Night Festival.

  1. Komarova Beach

Komarova Beach is also a fine place to visit in mid-summer, during White Night Festival. Even though, it is not the Caribbean, but not long after you start your journey from the city, you can feel like going a million miles away. Try to take icy dips there and breathe deep on the sea breeze. Do not worry. It is really not that cold.

So, those are 9 best places to enjoy and celebrate White Night Festival in Russia. From street carnivals to the traditional opening of the drawbridges, visiting St. Petersburg during the White Night Festival will offer you all the best things available to enjoy. Now that you know places you would rather be during White Night Festival, you have to remember to book your flights and hotels in advance. Make sure you do not end up with costly deals.

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