5 Most Favourable Skin Care In Russia For Woman

russian women skin careBeauty is a very valuable asset for women. Beauty will certainly fade if it is not balanced with good care. And women are very aware that beauty cannot be maintained without special care.

So that the demand for various skin care products is increasing from year to year. This demand certainly encourages entrepreneurs to create the latest skin care products to meet high consumer demand.

One country that is very famous because skin care products that use natural ingredients are Russia. Russia is a country that has many herbal plants that are very beneficial for beauty. Different from most skin care products that use synthetic materials, almost all Russian skin care products use natural ingredients. Of course this is very interesting for women, not only in Russia but throughout the world. and apparently, Russian natural skin care is one of the factors that causes Russian women to have perfect skin.

Russian women are very famous for their beauty. And they always use traditional ways to get that beauty. Like doing lots, body wrap, bathing spices, and using skin care made from natural ingredients. Do you want to have skin like them?

In this article, we will present several skin care products that are very popular with Russian women. and you can try it as your new skin care, because it is proven to be safe and successfully makes your skin bright and flawless. Here are 5 of the most favorite skin care in Russia for woman

1. Natura Siberica

When discussing skin care and cosmetics from Russia, then this one brand is the first to appear in people’s minds. Natura Siberica is a Russian local brand based in Moscow, Russia. This brand was discovered by Andrei Turbnikov in 2008. In 2017, Natura Siberica has opened 70 own shops and sold their products in more than 40 countries. Very rapid development even though it only emerged in 2008.

Natura Siberica is very popular because it is made from medicinal herbs and herbs from Siberia, one of the least polluted areas in the world. Plants in Siberia contain high antioxidants which are beneficial for skin and hair health. The process of making cosmetic products of this brand also uses high technology so that the efficacy of this product is maintained. And this product is also very safe to use by all skin types and will not make you allergic.

Products from Natura Siberica that are very popular include body butter, face mask, sauna and SPA, body scrub, and hand lotion. And all these products use natural ingredients that will make your skin bright, soft and healthy. Not only skin care products, Natura Siberica also offers hair care products for women and men.

If you are interested in this brand, it is very easy to get it. If you go to Russia sometime, don’t forget to buy skin care products from Natura Siberica so you have a flawless skin like a Russian woman.

2. Babushka Agaphya’s Recipes

The next most favorite skin care in Russia is Babushka’s Agaphya’s Recipes. This brand was founded in 2002 and became the first to get the certificate of ICEA organic natural cosmetics. All of these brand products use rose oil and organic herbs. Rose oil is very beneficial for beauty and relaxation. And this brand is also a home product.

The most popular products are bath soaps for the body and hair. Bath soap is packaged in jars at a price of 300-400 rubles. With a jar, this bath soap can be consumed 2-3 months. The smell of bath soap is also very fragrant and smells of roses. Besides bath soap, another popular product is body scrub. The body scrub collection from Babushka Agaphya’s Recipes has 5 types, 3 large and 2 small. Body scrub contains scrubs that are able to rub the skin well and remove dead skin cells. However, you must hold a fairly rough scrub, made of pine. However, it will not hurt your skin. This scrub serves to remove dead skin cells.

3. Organic Shop

The Organic Shop is always on the list of the most favorite skin care in Russia. Many beauty bloggers also use and praise the efficacy of the products of this brand. Just like other Russian skin care, Organic Shop also uses natural ingredients, according to this brand name, Organic Shop.

Organic Shop produces skin care products such as hand cream, body scrub, face mask, and body mousse. The most popular products for hand cream are Organic Cherry And Lotus Brilliant Hand Cream, the most popular body scrubs are Organic Algae And Salt Body Scrub and Organic Choco And Sugar Body Scrub. And the most popular face mask is Organic Aloe And Bamboo Face Gel Mask. Organic Strawberry And Milk Body Mousse is also very popular with Russian women because of its fragrant aroma.

If you are interested in their products, you can easily find them in big malls. Their store is also very large. you will feel at home in their shop for a long time. because not only sell skin care, they also provide you with free herbal teas and fruit. Excellent service and products!

4. Spivak

This one favorite brand is specialized in producing toiletries and bath soap from natural ingredients. Their products are home products that are very safe for you to use. They produce soap made from olive oil and spices and also hair care products made from traditional Russian coal. Products from Spivak are always a favorite of Russian women.

5. Planeta Organica

The last most favourable skin care in Russia that we will discuss in this article is Planeta Organica. this brand combines favorite recipes and ingredients from around the world. like Ecuador’s organic cocoa butter to Argania Morocco. Products are made from natural ingredients such as natural oils, Dead Sea mud and salt, and herbal extracts.

Planeta Organica produces skin care such as body soap, face mask, face toner, face serum, and eye gel. The most popular products include Aleppo Hair & Body Soap, Algae Face Mask for Dry And Sensitive Skin, and Anti-Age Face Mask. Of course these products are made from natural ingredients so that you are very safe to use.

Those are 5 Most favourable skin care in Russia for woman. Skin care is made from natural ingredients which of course is very safe for you to use. If you use skin care above, you will get healthy and beautiful skin like Russian women. You can get these products in large Russian stores. and maybe there are some products from that brand that already exist in your country. However, you must be careful with fake products.

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