All Myths About Study in Russia, Is It Necessary to Catch the Truth?

Education is one of the factors that are important in human life. Therefore, there is a need to prepare before starting the education period. There are many ways that are usually done to make preparations.

Usually, people who want to study will find out everything about the school or university they want to go to. They will find out everything they need and everything they need to know before continuing their education so they can finish their education on time and get the best value. In fact, no less than those who are looking up to the myths that circulate there.

Also included in Russia. There are several myths that circulate there associated with the educational system in Russia. Do you know about it? I think there are still many of you who don’t know that yet. For that, let’s look at all myths about study in Russia, is it necessary to catch the truth?

When talking about myths, of course there are things that are discussed regarding that myth. Almost all of the factors in our lives can never be separated from the myths. Including when talking about education.

Education, both within the country and abroad, has its own requirements that must be met by prospective students. They will compete to find out and fulfill all the requirements given. Afterwards they will start to find out about how the education system is there.

All the existing education system in each country has their own way. In carrying out education, there are often many rumors and myths circulating there. Whether in terms of schools or universities to the overall education system in the country.

In Russia too many myths circulate about the education system that is there. Usually, prospective students who come from abroad also seek information about this. And maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about the educational myth in Russia. Therefore, to answer your curiosity, this article will discuss about all myths about study in Russia, is it necessary to catch the truth?

  • Expensive Tuition Fees – The Truth

There is a myth that if you want to study in Russia requires a large fee because of the expensive tuition fees. Whereas the truth, tuition fees in Russia still was within the range of reasonable educational costs. It could even be possible, studying in Russia actually has lower tuition fees compared to your home country.

A prestigious university like HSE University only costs $ 3200 to $ 7800 per year. And even then, there are also scholarships at the university. The cost of living in Russia is also very low. There are university dorm rooms which have a relatively small fee.

  • Language Limitations – The Truth

There is another myth that says if we have to be able to speak Russian to be able to study in Russia. In fact, not all schools or universities have an obligation to speak Russian. Although it would be better if you could speak a little Russian to facilitate you when socializing.

Several universities in Russia, including HSE University offer various forms of Russian language courses for students who come from abroad. And there are also master’s programs at universities in Russia that use English in their lectures. Studying the Russian language in the country of origin will give you more benefits in the speed of learning the language, as you will learn from authentically.

  • Russian University Admissions Complicated – The Truth

Another myth says that the universities in Russia has a complicated admission procedure. The truth, registered at Russian universities are not much different from when we signed up to the University in Europe and America. Prospective students can submit all the documents needed to register online.

Various attempts have been made to facilitate foreign students to be able to study in Russia. Even at the University of HSE there are employees who can answer all your questions about the university in the English language. That way, information will be easily and quickly you get.

  • An Education Degree Is Not Recognized – The Truth

There is even a myth that says that the degree you get from studying in Russia will not be recognized. The truth is, education in Russia can be recognized internationally. There have been partnerships and programs together with the world’s leading schools in the country.

In Russia there are also double degree programs with foreign universities outside Russia. The accreditation and teaching standards in Russia also meet international requirements. By doing so, you do not have to worry about your degree after graduating from university in Russia. Basically, the education system in Russia adheres to the principles of Bologna.

  • All Myths About Study in Russia, Is It Necessary to Catch the Truth?

So, when the question arises, all the myths about studying in Russia, is it necessary to catch the truth? I think you need to do that. That way you don’t need to feel unwarranted fears or worries because of the myths circulating about the education system in Russia.

When you already know the truth that is in the education system in Russia, of course you will easily meet the requirements that are needed. You will be able to focus more on continuing your education in Russia.

And maybe there are still some of all myths about study in Russia, is it necessary to catch the truth that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about all myths about study in Russia, is it necessary to catch the truth. So, whether you want to believe in the myth or not, it all becomes entirely your decision. Because as we know, not all myths are circulating, although there are some myths that are true.

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