All Myths About Study in Russia, Is It Necessary to Catch the Truth?

Education is one of the factors that are important in human life. Therefore, there is a need to prepare before starting the education period. There are many ways that are usually done to make preparations. Usually, people who want to study will find out everything about the school or university they want to go to. […]

Russian School System that Might be Rare for International Students

Russian school system that might be rare for international students – There is always news of how our education framework is flawed and frequently disregards the essential fundamentals of good tutoring. Some call it exhausting, some call the customary strategies backward and counter-profitable.  In any case, there were a few, who willingly volunteered to develop […]

3 Best Views of Russian XIX Empire You Should Know

Russia is one country with such a long history. This makes Russia always immortalized in history books. Everyone knows that Russia is a country with such a great journey. Besides being famous for its role in World War II, did you know that Russia was once a monarchy? If you really love world history, you […]

8 Finest Libraries in Moscow, Russia.

When you go to Moscow, the last thing you want to do is probably going to the library. There are many historical landmarks in Moscow, Russia that will keep you occupied during your visit to Moscow. Those and the long list of good shopping malls and markets in Moscow. Reading would not be something a […]

7 Best University in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is a great city for sightseeing. The city is almost a must when you are traveling to Russia. It has brilliant architecture and stunning landscapes, among the best in Russia. St. Petersburg is a UNESCO recognized world heritage site. Favorite landmarks are including the winter palace and the Hermitage museum. St. Petersburg also […]

6 Popular Courses in Russia

Courses in Russia typically are short education program which offers individual classes in the various area of study. It is a study program in a short amount of time, ranging from 2 weeks to a year. Courses in Russia can be preparatory programs to university, from high school to bachelor, or from bachelor to master. […]

6 Most Popular College Major in Russia

When it comes to choosing a major in Russia, students will not be provided with plenty of choices. Universities offer hundreds of programmes, ranging from art to science. There are many higher institutions to choose to, from classical universities to specialized institutes. Top universities in Russia are ranked among the best in the world. It is […]

6 Affordable University in Russia for International Students

Russia offers many great choices when it comes to universities. If you plan to study in Russia, be sure that it’s the right decision to study there. There are a lot of high ranking universities to choose from. The best part is, compared to other western countries, Russia is much more affordable when it comes to […]