Myths and Facts of Baba Yaga, The Frightening Witch

Do you like fairy tales? Will you read fairy tales? If you want, the story you will read is about Baba Yaga. Do you know about Baba Yaga? For those of you who don’t know about Baba Yaga, let’s look at the myths and facts of Baba Yaga, the Frightening Witch. Baba Yaga is a […]

5 Most Popular Urban Legends in Russia That Still Being Told

Urban legends, also known as contemporary legends or urban myths, refer to widely propagated, unproven stories of odd or peculiar events that typically contain mindful advise or warnings. They often arouse strong emotional reactions such as revulsion, horror, shock, and sometimes humor. The recount of urban legends over time ensures that they become part of […]

11 Ridiculous Myths About Russia That Most People Believe In.

You may read some facts about Russia but ridiculous myth surrounding the country really annoy Russian people. Among the silly myth are the mysterious natural wonders in Russia and even the legendary myth surrounding Lake Baikal. However, no one can really tell if you never set foot in Russia. What are myths and arent? Of all the […]