How to Battle Your Insomnia? Read these 11 Russian Boring Books

the minorWho hasn’t fallen asleep reading boring books before? When you’re struggling to sleep a night? It’s a legit trick. Experts cay dive into something long, thick, no illustration books to create the perfect conditions for sleepiness to manifest.

School textbooks are a great material, but how about popular ones that gain worldwide recognition that make you sound like a true intellect when you tell people what’s on your nightstand. There are many Greatest Russian Novels Everyone Should Read and also a long thick Brilliant Russian Books You Probably haven’t Heard Or Read to choose and fall asleep. Here is a good collection of boring books with no offense to the authors or anyone who may adore them. 

1. On the Road by Jack Kerouac (1957)

This book poses wild, carefree, and radical beat generation a typical contemporary novel. It has a very long newspaper like an article about Hitchhiking and Traveling Around the U.S. during post World War Two Era.

2. Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust (1913)

Twenty-Four pages of a kid wonder when his mother will come in the room and going through random thoughts and memories of his mother. Therefore, it is a guarantee you’ll fall asleep every night before the mother ever gets home. 

3. Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov (1962)

Vladimir Nabokov produces many popular novels and his book “Lolita” is among the Greatest Novels Everyone Should Read. This intelligent writer love to play words and this book describes the author enjoying his own private word game. It starts with a 999 lines long poem and a story describing the poem. As you’re reading you may imagine Nabokov entertaining himself with hidden meaning while the readers are lost among the thick book.

4. Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon (1973)

The simple relatable characters manage to build up a relationship with the readers. People read this book will be able to say that they did and often go on to write another book or lengthy article about what they thought. The endless flow boringness has no end.

5. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (1878)

A masterpiece by one of the Freaking Great Russian Authors You Must Read that considers one of the most Romantic Russian Books That Are Perfect For Woman To Read. Moreover, the book is very popular that it becomes a movie version. Moreover, it is among the many Famous Movies That Take Place In Russia. However, the fact that almost no one alive can relate to how high society Russians in the book will make anyone wonder the fall over dead from self-inflicted fevers brought on by simple shame and embarrassment.  

6. The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1880)

Perhaps the biggest obstacle in finishing this book is simply Russian names and the many characters in it. Some individuals even have a very long name and sometimes it seems like they use different ones depending on who they’re talking to. Take this catchy name as an example – Agrafena Alexandrovna Svetlova. In one page she is “Agra” and in another she is Alexis. Therefore, you may read hundreds of pages of this book and remains confused all the way through. The book itself is among the many Recommended Books For Beginners To Learn Russian Literature that gives a glimpse of how to get through even the simplest Russian pieces of literature.

7. Dead Soul by Nikolai Gogol

In Gogol bold satirical novel “Dead Souls” there is a bit of humor to expose bureaucratic anarchy and corruption in Imperial Russia. Nevertheless, nothing like a book about politics to set you off to bed. Even Gogol himself experiences a severe manic-depressive episode after writing it.

8. The Gulag Archipelago by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

The author portrays his personal experience in the Soviet labor camps that reveal many political prisoners. Therefore, the book itself takes the reader to a dark camp with many political episodes. The Russian authorities condemned the novel and accused Solzhenitsyn of treason. The book is famous because of the Russian reaction but after reading it, the gloomy atmosphere may be boring for some reader. 

9. White on Black by Ruben Gallego

A story tells about a grandson of a Spanish communist who fled to the USSR with cerebral palsy and spent his childhood in Soviet orphanages and shelters. This book gives perspective on the Soviet legacy in contemporary Russia because it focuses on one criterion, thereby enabling an unsparingly precise determination of the level of humanity and democracy. 

10. All the Kremlin’s Men by Mikhail Zygar

This recently published book can be considered a textbook of contemporary Russian history in an attempt to systematize and analyze how Putin’s model of power works. Zygar presents politics purely as a struggle of interests where he wittingly or unwittingly achieved the same viewpoint as Vladimir Putin. Another boring political book that makes you rethink your idea of Kremlin that you know and the Facts Of The Kremlin Armoury Museum In Moscow of Russia. 

11. The Minor by Denis Fonvizin

the classic satirical novels filled with idioms and proverbs in Russian literature and language. The book also appears 1783 on Moscow’s theatrical scene that may be relevant to the old generation of Russian yet confusing to others. 
Watching Recommended Russian Languages Movies is easy but savoring a long thick book with over 800 pages or longer is a true cure of any insomnia. Even though some say size doesn’t matter because excess is kind of the point. Long thick books are often associated with boring books and Russian literature has many of them. Whether you are reading Recommended Russian Historical Fiction Book or Russian Books To Read During Your Holiday you bound to find some boring ones but who knows one of these books might change your life.

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