6 Greatest Soviet Authors of All Time

The Soviet-era might not the most enlightening era when it comes to literature, but that does not mean there were no brilliant authors in this era. The Soviet era, with its heavy restriction and censorship, doesn’t stop many talented writers to procure their best work. Some of theme are even awarded Nobel Prize for literature. […]

4 Most Difficult Novels Written by Russian Author

Any of you must have had the joy of discovering some of the most intellectually challenging epistolary works. At some point, those who love to read as well as take a pleasure challenging themselves must have had turned to difficult novels when it was the night a week from finals and they were supposedly assigned to read […]

4 Popular Books of Slavery Written by Russian Authors

Serfdom was not necessarily the original status of the Russian peasant. In fact, it was one of the results of the Tartar demolition during the 13th century when peasants became homeless and resided on the land of rich Russians. Russian peasants came under the complete control of the rich Russians who own the land (landowner) by […]

11 Russian Novels To Read With A Cup Of Hot Cocoa During Winter Time

The energy of wintertime with Russian Books To Read During Your Holiday and additional bonus to having a great time. They are filled with holiday cheer, great love story and a very long pages to go through. Reading a good book with a cup of hot cocoa is the best Possible Things You Can Do During Winter […]

Best Russian Books That Will Teach You The Meaning Of Life

Russian writers are masters in discussing the big questions of human existence and the meaning of life. Among the many Greatest Russian Novels, Everyone Should Read some are quite meaningful. So if you are looking for answers to your problem, take a look at these collections of books. At the very least, you’ll find the meaning […]

Enjoyable Russian Short Stories You Need To Read

Enjoying Russian literature is one the Benefits Of Learning Russian Languages through shorts stories. If you wonder How To Learn Russian By Yourself Effectively And Efficiently  Just watch some of  Recommended Russian Languages Movies or read Russian famous books and enjoy the rides. If you jump right in, you can get discouraged and give up. It’s better to take small […]