Is Meringue Cake Interpreted as Wedding Cake in Russia?

If we talk about marriage, what comes to mind for some people is the wedding party itself. And one of the things that usually always there at the wedding is the wedding cake. This wedding cake has special meaning for some people’s cultures.

There are many types of wedding cakes that we can find in every country in the world. The shape of the wedding cake in each country is different because it also sometimes has meaning based on the culture in that country. Including in Russia.

But, have you ever known about Meringue Cake? If we look at the shape and appearance of the Meringue Cake, can this cake be called a wedding cake in Russia?

Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about this. They might even not know what Meringue Cakes are like. For that, let’s see about … is Meringue Cake interpreted as wedding cake in Russia?

Wedding cakes come in various shapes and decorations. The decorations on the wedding cake will be adjusted to the customs of a particular country or sometimes based on the wishes of the bride and groom. Every married couple often has their own taste in determining their marriage, including in choosing a wedding cake.

There are many wedding cakes that you can choose if you really want something new in your wedding party. As we have seen, each country has a different type of wedding cake. There are wedding cakes consisting of one layer and there are also wedding cakes consisting of several layers.

In Russia there are also special wedding cakes. This cake is usually served at Russian weddings. But among the many cakes served at weddings, have you ever found Meringue Cakes there?

Or at least do you know about the Meringue Cake? If so, is Meringue Cake actually a wedding cake in Russia? I think there are many of you who don’t know what Meringue Cakes look like. Therefore, to answer your curiosity, this article will discuss about … is Meringue Cake interpreted as wedding cake in Russia?

  • About Meringue

Meringue is actually a type of dessert that is often associated with Swiss, Italian and French cuisine. It is made traditionally by using egg whites and sugar. Sometimes there are additions such as tartar cream, vinegar or lemon. It is often flavored by using small amounts of almonds, coconut or even vanilla.

A good meringue is one that has a stiff peak shape. The texture of Meringue often feels chewy and soft inside as well as crispy on the outside. Meringue made at home and Meringue made commercially have differences. Homemade meringue at home feels crispy, while commercially sold Meringue mostly has a crisper texture when compared to the home-made version.

  • About Meringue Cake

Meringue Cake is a cake made from Meringue arranged in such a way. Sometimes it is arranged to resemble a tower with gradations of color from Meringue that look similar. Because of its beautiful shape, Meringue Cakes are also often served at weddings. When it was served at the wedding, this cake is often found with white.

In weddings, Meringue Cake is a revolution of the wedding cake. Besides being shaped like a tower, Meringue is also often made into Pavlova cake. Even so, Meringue Cake shaped like a tower is still a favorite of many people for their weddings.

  • Types of Cakes That Use Meringue

There are many types of cakes made using Meringue as the ingredients for making them. You can make these cookies yourself at home or buy them at the cake shop closest to your home. Here are some types of cakes that use Meringue:

  1. Pavlova. It is a cake based on Meringue and named after a ballerina from Russia, Anna Pavlova. This cake has a crispy and smooth texture. Often topped with fruit toppings.
  2. Meringue kiss. It’s a dessert that is usually enjoyed by dipping it in chocolate or pomegranate syrup. This dessert is coated with fresh cream or filled with candy.
  3. Meringue Nests. It’s a dessert that can be filled with classic lemon curd.

And there are still many other types of cakes that can be made using Meringue as a mixture or the main ingredient of making cakes.

  • Soviet Meringue Cake

Meringue Cakes in Russia are cakes known as Earl Ruins. From the past until now, the cake is still one of the many homemade cakes that are popular in Russia. But you don’t need to worry, Meringue Cakes can also be easily found in bakeries in the country.

Russian-style Meringue cakes at a glance are similar to Kiev Cake. It’s just that the Russian-style Meringue Cake is considered faster and easier to make, even for a beginner. The cake is shaped like castle ruins. This Russian-style Meringue Cake is one of the most delicious and also unique cakes among the types of cakes in Russia and the surrounding countries.

  • Is Meringue Cake Interpreted as Wedding Cake in Russia?

After the discussion, then a question arises. Is Meringue Cake interpreted as a wedding cake in Russia? To answer that question, Meringue Cake can be said to not be a wedding cake in Russia.

When a wedding in Russia, the cake that is usually served is Russian tea cake. It is better known as Mexican Wedding cookies. Indeed there may be a number of married brides who use Meringue Cakes, but I don’t think it is appropriate if Meringue Cakes are interpreted as wedding cakes in Russia.

And maybe there are still some of … is Meringue Cake interpreted as wedding cake in Russia that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about … is Meringue Cake interpreted as wedding cake in Russia. So, which cake do you want to serve for your wedding? Is it the Meringue Cake or another type of cake?

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