Antimainstream Medovik Cake Creation Over the Russian Cake Store

Are you happy and really like sweet desserts? As we all know there are a lot of sweet dessert that we can enjoy. Whether it’s homemade or bought in a store nearby that sells desserts.

In various countries in the world, there are so many desserts that have been modified so that they are often reintroduced to the modern version. This modification can be in the form of additional new variations by adding certain ingredients that will create new flavors when tasted. There will be at least one new version of the original version that has been around for a long time.

In Russia too there is also a dessert that has a variation that can be said antimainstream. That’s because the desserts are made which have slightly different from the original version. One of them is Medovik Cake.

Have you ever tasted the Antimainstream Medovik Cake? What kind of Medovik Cake have you ever tasted? Maybe there are still many of you who have never tried and don’t even know another version of Medovik Cake. For that, let’s take a look at antimainstream Medovik cake creation over the Russian cake store.

Sweet and soft desserts do have a lot of fans. Especially if it is moist and immediately melts when it enters the mouth. That will provide a sensation of its own, right? It may be that you already have a list of sweet desserts that you like and you will never miss.

Cake is one of the sweet desserts that are often served. Both in the usual dinner and a party. Every cake in each country has its own characteristics. Even the cake is also experiencing a modification of the modern version, although it does not eliminate the original version of the cake. Maybe also the cakes in your country also experience the same thing.

Russia also has one cake that also has a modern version besides the original version. That cake is Medovik Cake. Maybe there are some of you who are already familiar with the name of this cake. This is the Russian Honey Cake.

Have you ever tried the original version of Medovik Cake? Or maybe up to the modern antimainstream version of Medovik Cake? I think there are still many of you who don’t know that yet. Therefore, this article will discuss the antimainstream Medovik cake creation over the Russian cake store.

  • About Medovik Cake

Medovik Cake is a layered cake comes from the Slavic. This cake is also known as the Russian Honey Cake. Medovik Cake can consist of 5 to 15 layers of cake and also consist of cream. It is one of the popular and famous cakes in Russia and other countries that are still in the former Soviet Union.

Medovik Cake is a cake that has honey and condensed milk as the main ingredients for making cakes. Although it takes a long time to make, but the final result of this cake will not disappoint you. Keep your Medovik Cake in the refrigerator and you will get sweet, smooth and moist cakes that you will really like.

  • Medovik Cake with A Variety of Toppings

Medovik Cake has now undergone many modifications so it has many variations. One of them is the variation of the cake topping. The original Medovik Cake only uses toppings from cake crumbs. Now, you can find Medovik Cake with other toppings. This modern cake can be found easily when you visit Russia because it is very famous there.

The modern version of Medovik Cake antimainstream has a variety of toppings such as dried fruits and walnuts. These different toppings will add a different taste to the cake that we are tasting. You can buy this antimainstream version of Medovik Cake at the nearest pastry shop, cake store or you can make it by yourself at home.

  • Medovik Cake with A Variety of Cream Filling

Besides experiencing a modification in the topping of the cake, Medovik Cake also experienced a modification in the filling of the cream in the cake. The original Medovik Cake has sour cream as the filling for the cake. And for those of you who don’t particularly like sour cream filling, you can now enjoy the antimainstream version of Medovik Cake.

The modern and antimainstream version of Medovik Cake has cream cake made from sweetened condensed milk, butter cream and custard. Although using a different cream, but the taste of Medovik Cake will remain the same despite having additional flavor that is more distinctive and it feels new when compared to the Medovik Cake original version.

  • Medovik Cake with Caramel Flavor

Actually, this still includes Medovik Cake with a modified version in the cream filling section. It’s just that this antimainstream version gives a taste that might be a little different from the original Medovik Cake. Although both are still equally delicious and sweet.

The new version of Medovik Cake, which is antimainstream, uses a cream made from sweetened condensed milk that has been cooked until it thickens and turns brown. This cooked condensed milk gives additional caramel flavor to the Medovik Cake you eat. You will feel a combination of unusual flavors and may be a new experience for you. Who is not tempted and cannot resist immediately tasting the cake with a taste that already feels very good?

And maybe there are still some of antimainstream Medovik cake creation over the Russian cake store that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about antimainstream Medovik cake creation over the Russian cake store. So which antimainstream Medovik Cake would you like to try next? Or do you want to try making it yourself at home?

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