How to Buy Authentic Russian Matryoshka

Most of us when we visit a certain country, we would try find unique local specialties that can be brought back home as souvenirs. You know, the little trinkets and snacks that will remind us of our past trips. Sometimes we also give them to friends and family as gifts. Besides, souvenirs from across the globe are extremely fun to sort through and receive.

This also rings true for trips and visits to Russia. Russia is a country famous for their adherence to culture and traditional beliefs. We can know this from the way Russian people perceive certain things and celebrations. For example, look at how The meanings of flowers in Russia and The meaning of birch tree for Russian people are more than the ones we are accustomed to. Another great example of Russian culture is the procedures of wedding tradition in Russian orthodox church.

One of the most famous and unique gifts you can get from this vast country are the matryoshka dolls. These dolls are extremely characteristic of Russia as they’re from Russian culture and traditions. However, you aren’t sure how to buy authentic Russian matryoshka. There will be many souvenir shops especially in touristy areas. But are they authentic and high quality dolls? Surely you don’t want to waste money on cheap and frail souvenirs, do you? Don’t worry, this article has got you covered! By the end, you will know how to buy authentic Russian matryoshka.

But First, What are Russian Matryoshka Dolls?

Before talking about how to buy authentic Russian matryoshka, let us first tackle this question for those who don’t know. What exactly are the Russian matryoshka dolls? Why are they so popular among people, both Russian and worldwide?

Sometimes also known as the nesting dolls, they are a set of wooden figures of different sizes that can be stack inside one another. Think about the American children series Higglytown Heroes. If you want to find out more about these dolls, try reading the Interesting Facts of Russian Matryoshka Dolls.

How to Buy Authentic Russian Matryoshka in Russia

The first and most obvious tip for buying authentic nesting dolls is to go where these dolls were first produced. That means Sergiev Posad, a small city in the northeast of Russia’s capital, Moscow. The good news is that you can easily hop on a train or go for a day trip to Sergiev Posad from Moscow, as they’re very close together. But why Sergiev Posad?

Well, it turns out that this tiny city was where the first matryoshka dolls were made! Back in 1890, Sergey Malyutin and Vasily Zvyozdochkin designed and crafted the first ever Russian nesting dolls in Sergiev Posad. Other local painters and carvers began to follow suit, and it has become tradition that the people of Sergiev Posad are known for the matryoshka dolls they make.

So, if you’re looking for the best quality and real Russian dolls, try by visiting toy factories and shops in Sergiev Posad. Nesting dolls are part of their tradition as well as culture, so it’s safe to bet that you can get authentic dolls anywhere in this city.

Not only that, Sergiev Posad has also another reputable nickname, the toy capital. In the Museum of Toys, including fantastic toy displays, you can see the original and old matryoshka dolls. Yes, those that were made back in the late 19th century!

What if You Are Not in Russia, But You Want Authentic Matryoshka?

It is entirely possible that you’re not visiting Russia at all. You’re not looking for Russian nesting dolls because you need souvenirs from the country. In fact, you really want to purchase them because they intrigue you. Or you just want to add to your collection of interesting stuff. That’s no problem at all. There are still ways to buy authentic Russia matryoshka dolls even if you’re elsewhere across the globe.

And that is to buy and order the dolls online. With thousands of online marketplaces on the Internet today, finding and purchasing local crafts from around the world is easier than ever. There are tons of people selling Russian matryoshka online. But to make sure that you will receive what you pay for -that is, authentic Russian nesting dolls, you have to be careful. One way to ensure satisfaction is by looking up reviews and reaching out to previous buyers. If they are satisfied with the quality, then you probably will too. On the other hand, if there are many bad complaints and reviews about a certain shop or seller, you can start looking for a different one.

Other than online marketplaces, you can try visiting the official websites of Russian toy factories. Especially look for those based on Sergiev Posad standards. Today most toy shops will serve international customers and do worldwide shipping. Although this might be your safest bet to buying authentic matryoshka, it may not be the cheapest.

Now that you know how to buy authentic Russian matryoshka, you can start planning your Russian trip or open your web browser. If you’re going to Russia, make sure you know the best time to visit Russia.

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