How to Celebrate Russia’s International Women’s Day

It’s a holiday! Let’s celebrate!

International Women’s Day in Russia is a national holiday recognized by the state. National day when spring arrives. As a holiday, how do Russians celebrate their International Women’s Day?

Russia calls International Women’s Day “The 8th of March”. People there call it that way because the celebration of International Women’s Day in Russia is on March 8. There are some celebration activities that people in Russia can do to spend their days off.

There may be many people who are still wondering about what the Russians do during International Women’s Day celebration. Does the celebration of International Women’s Day in Russia the same as that of people in other countries?

In this article I will discuss about how people celebrate Russia’s International Women’s Day.


The most common way to celebrate International Women’s Day is to spend time with family. Usually the family will enliven by holding a meal together. Can also hold a barbecue with the whole family. There are also those who make cakes so their families can enjoy it while chatting about the day they have passed.

Gathering with family while enjoying champagne will certainly enliven the atmosphere of the International Women’s Day celebration. When parents enjoy their champagne, children can enjoy their juice or perhaps colas prepared by their mothers, grandmothers, or aunts. Russians will enjoy the whole day having fun with their families. Sounds really fun, right? Because after all, pleasing the family can lead to feelings of happiness in yourself.


For people who live far from their parents or family and don’t have much time to make their way home, visiting friends can be an alternative to celebrating International Women’s Day. By visiting friends, at least you don’t celebrate it alone. You and your friends can chat, cook together or do other fun things that you might rarely do with your friends.

If you feel bored because things can be done together just like that, you can go out together. You and your friends can take a walk in the park or elsewhere. Go out with friends, don’t forget to take photos together! Fun things are very important to capture in a photo, right?


Go to a concert during the celebration of International Women’s Day? Why not?

Another way to enjoy the celebration of International Women’s Day is to go to a concert or watch a movie.

Usually there will be concerts and performances to enliven the atmosphere of International Women’s Day celebrations in Russia. Talented singers and actors will perform with songs and poems. The theme of this event is love and beautiful women. Everyone in Russia will certainly be very happy if they can come to their idol concert. Singing and dancing are fun, right?

You can also watch movies in theaters. You can make this activity be a good idea if you may feel bored at home. Not only with friends, watching movies with family is also a fun thing to try.


Because International Women’s Day is a national holiday in Russia, there are some people who prefer to spend their holidays with their lovers. Men in Russia will give gifts that they have prepared to their girlfriends. Great gifts and may have a special meaning. The most important thing is to make your lover happy with the gift given. And there are also some men who invite their girlfriends to have a romantic dinner somewhere. This kind of thing feels very romantic.

Those who have little time to meet their boyfriend will really take advantage of this holiday time. This often happens to people who have busy couples.


For workers, celebrations to commemorate International Women’s Day can also be felt at the company or agency where they work. Companies or agencies usually hold small parties the day before the holidays or maybe the day after. A small party that will enliven the lunch break. Women workers will enjoy cakes and champagne with their co-workers.

Having a small party at workplace can establish good relations and solidarity among workers.


If you might be at home with your family and want to share the joy of a holiday commemorating International Women’s Day, then you can do it through your social media. You can send messages to your family who live far away, your friends, and your colleagues. Giving “congratulations” to the closest people might be a small thing but it might give a deep meaning to the person who received the message.

As well as through social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media, you can also send messages via email. Small but meaningful thing. Using social media does not fully give a bad impression or bad impact on our lives.


Behind all kinds of Russian’s International Women’s Day celebrations, there are some people who don’t even celebrate at all. What does this kind of thing is elders. They think giving gifts, or having a party is complicated and costs a lot of money. In 2010, there were around 14% who chose not to participate in celebrating International Women’s Day in Russia.

And maybe there are still many things that Russians can do when celebrating Russia’s International Women’s Day apart from the activities that listed above.

All kinds of celebrations it seems very fun to do, isn’t it? But yeah, I think maybe the last type of celebration looks unpleasant. Although it is possible for certain factors to be understandable.

How about in your country? I hope this article can really help you to know about Russia’s International Women’s Day celebration. Which type of celebration do you like more?

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