Cherry Russian Beverages Which Are Containing the Best Benefits to Your Body

Many beverages do not only taste delicious but also give have many benefits for our body. For example, when you are struggling with a stomach ache, one of many ways that you can do to treat yourself is by drinking fresh ginger beer. This is a non-alcoholic drink made of sparkling water, lime juice, and fresh ginger. For many years, this has been a popular home remedy to combat your tummy ache.

Another drink you must be familiar with is fruit smoothies. When you want to fulfill your body need of vitamin C, you can make strawberries smoothies. The amount of sugar in this fruit is low so you do not need to worry you are going to consume too much sugar. Just one serving of it and you can provide yourself with more Vitamin C than an orange. if you want to feel full longer, you can add banana into your smoothies. Not only will it serve you a creamy and sweet drink but also a breakfast riches of potassium and fiber. It is a good beverage to start your day, right? 🙂

Russians also have many beverages that bring many great impacts on our body. Among many of their beverages, here are some of the cherry Russian beverages which are containing the best benefits to your body.

Delicious Cherry Russian Beverages With Many Benefits For Your Body

Here are some of the cherry Russian beverages that you have to try. You can either find it in restaurants or cafes in Russia or any other places that serve Russian drinks, or you can try to make it.

  • Cherry Varenya

One of the popular things about Russians is their love of tea. Russians enjoy drinking tea and it has been a part of their culture since a long time ago. They usually have a cup of tea as part of their snacks and drink it with some sweet treats.

There are many kinds of tea, such as green tea and oolong tea. Among the various kinds of tea, black tea is the most popular choice in Russia. Russians usually drink their tea without any additional sweetener such as sugar or milk. But, when they want to add a little bit of sweetness into their tea, they will make the Cherry Varenya. Cherry Varenya is a variation of black tea where you add the tea with some cherries, lemon, and a little bit of sugar. The mixture of the cherries’ sweetness and the lemon’s sourness in the tea’s slight bitterness makes Cherry Varenya tastes well balanced and delicious.

This cherry Russian beverage is containing the best benefits to your body. Black tea itself is already a good source of antioxidant. With the addition of lemon, we will get the supply of vitamin C and soluble fiber. You get more benefits from this drink thanks to the cherries that not only a great source of antioxidant but also anti-inflammatory compounds.

  • Cherry Kompot

Kompot is a traditional drink famous in Russia and some other countries such as Bulgaria and Poland. Besides its refreshing and pleasant flavor, this drink is also the drink that you can enjoy both during summer and winter. You can serve the cold version to cool your body temperature during the hot weather in the summer season. When the winter comes, you can drink the hot version to warm yourself up.

It is very easy to make this beverage. You only need around 600 grams of cherries (make sure to put the stems off and wash it before using it), 6 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and 6 cups of water. When all the ingredients are ready, you can start with boiling the mix of water and sugar in a pot. After that, put the cherries and the lemon juice into the pot, boil it over medium heat. Once boiled, turn off the heat and let it cool down for a while. You can serve it while it is hot. You can also store it in the fridge so you can enjoy it later.

This beverage is a healthy drink. Just like the Cherry Varenya, this cherry Russian beverage is also containing the best benefits to your body. Technically, Cherry Varenya is the same as infused water. As an infused water, it helps to increase the consumption of water, especially for people who do not enjoy the flavorless taste of water.

  • Mors

Mors is another example of Russians beverages made of cherries. This drink has similar ingredients with the Cherries Kompot. The difference is in the cooking process. When you are making Kompot, you are boiling the whole cherries. But when you are making Mors, you will mash the cherries first into a puree. Then, you mix the puree with sugar in hot water.

It is already super simple to make Mors. But if you want an even easier way, this is what you can do. You only need to add a tablespoon of cherry jam into a cup of hot water and mix until the jam dissolved. Feel free to try making Mors with other kinds of berries, such as cranberries and blueberries. You can even mix them 🙂

Most people enjoy the cold version of Mors. But it is okay, too, if you want to serve the hot one during the winter. As another example of cherry Russian beverage, Mors is containing the best benefits to your body. Drinking hot Mors will help you to cure a cold. It will also load your body with vitamin A from the cherries and minerals from the water.

Now we have learned three cherry Russian beverages which very easy to make. You can drink the black tea along with some snack while the Kompot and Mors can be enjoyed after lunch. Whichever cherry Russian beverage you drink, it will give the best benefits to your body 🙂

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