All You Need To Know About Russian Mirror Glaze Cake

When you are going on a vacation to Russia, there are several things you cannot miss. For sure, you must visit its remarkable destinations, such as the remains of the Kazan Kremlin and Bauman Street (a shopping street) in Kazan. You also have to visit Saint Petersburg and enjoy a cruise in its Neva River. […]

2 Kinds Of Amazing Mirror Glaze Design

Nowadays, we can find many interesting many kinds of cakes with so many interesting designs. Among those many designs, the cupcake is one of them. When we talk about the cupcake, the bakers make a lot of creative designs with the icing. There are simple designs, such as flowers or flower pot (the bakers use […]

Mirror Glaze Cake: An Authentic Russian Cake Designed by Russian Chef

There are many kinds of desserts. During summertime, you must want something refreshing. That is the perfect time to enjoy some ice creams. If you want to have the sweet and cold of ice cream but prefer to eat milk-based dessert, you can buy yourself some gelato. For you who are lactose intolerant but still […]