Mirror Glaze Cake: An Authentic Russian Cake Designed by Russian Chef

There are many kinds of desserts. During summertime, you must want something refreshing. That is the perfect time to enjoy some ice creams. If you want to have the sweet and cold of ice cream but prefer to eat milk-based dessert, you can buy yourself some gelato. For you who are lactose intolerant but still looking for a similar sensation, sorbet is the right dessert for you. It is made of fruit purees so you have a range of flavors selection you can choose from.

Other than the frozen desserts, you can also find the bake ones, such as cupcakes and petit fours. Both are a single-served dessert that you can easily make at your home or buy in your nearby bakeries. But if you want to make larger cakes to feed your whole family, you can bake cakes, such as sponge cake, pound cake, and fruitcake.

When we bake at our house, we can make simple yet delicious sweet treats. This situation is a little bit different when we go to the bakery or cake shop where you will find varied types of cakes. Those cakes are baked in a more complicated technique or covered with distinguished decoration to attract a buyer. When we see this in one of the cake shops, we must wonder how the baker does it.

An example of a type of cake that attracts many people is the mirror glaze cake. This is an authentic Russian cake designed by a Russian chef. So, what makes this cake stand out among the other cakes? Let’s find out!

The Authentic Mirror Glaze Cake

  • What Is The Mirror Glaze Cake?

We are all familiar with marble, right? This very hard rock is famous for its lines pattern that going through it. Most of the time, we see this rock is used as the material to make floors. Now, imagine that pattern on a cake. The shiny characteristic of a marble makes the cake looks like a mirror. This is what we call the Mirror Glaze Cake.

Just like the name of the cake, Mirror Glaze Cake is a cake covered with a glaze that looks like a marble that resembles the characteristic of a mirror. As we know, marble does not consist of one single color. It has various kinds of color that make one pattern is different from another.

Mirror Glaze Cake, as an authentic Russian cake, was designed by a Russian chef. She is Olga Noskova, a chef who has an interest in cake art. She studied about confectionery art where she learned about the mirror glaze technic. She and her invention gained popularity so quickly after she uploaded a few pictures of here Mirror Glaze Cake into her social media account. People were amazed by her creation, especially when they saw the glaze was made very reflective. So reflective that some people thought the icing was made of glass or plastic.

  • How To Make Mirror Glaze

Now that we know how pretty the cake would look when covered with mirror glaze, we should try to make a mirror glaze at home. There is nothing to be worried about, this recipe of mirror glaze is very simple! You just need to make sure to choose the best ingredients and to follow the instructions to the very detail. Here are the step-by-step information of making a homemade mirror glaze:

  1. To make a mirror glaze, you need white chocolate. Make sure the one you use contains more than 30% cocoa butter.
  2. Heat the mix of sugar, sweetened condensed milk, and water over medium-low heat. Stir it occasionally and once it starts to simmer, remove from the heat.
  3. In a different bowl, mix water with powdered gelatin with a spoon. Let it sit for a few minutes.
  4. Add the content of the second container into the mixture of sugar-sweetened condensed milk, and water. Stir it well until all the gelatin has dissolved.
  5. Mix the liquid with the white chocolate. Let them melt together.
  6. After a few minutes, whisk it up until the whole chocolate is melted.
  7. Once it is completely melted, you can add a food coloring, then stir again until it is all well-mixed.
  8. To make sure there is no lump on the glaze, pass the mirror glaze through a strainer. Then, put aside the lump-free mirror glaze and let it cool down.
  9. This is the important thing. When you are about to pour the glaze on to your cake, make sure to only pour it if its temperature is 32oC. You must check it using the kitchen thermometer. Why is it important? Because only by getting the right temperature will you get the best mirror glaze cake. If it is too warm, it will run off the cake. If it is too cold, the texture of the mirror glaze will not be smooth anymore.

  • How To Make Colored Mirror Glaze

As an authentic Russian cake designed by a Russian chef, what makes Mirror Glaze Cake has the title of being authentic? It is because of its color. When you see this cake, every cake has its color. You will never find cakes of the same color. So, what should we do when we want to make a colored mirror glaze?

  1. Although there is a chance that you are going to use regular chocolate to make the mirror glaze, most of the time you are going to use white chocolate.
  2. Once your white glaze is ready, divide it into a few bowls where you would add food coloring.
  3. Now that you have your colored mirror glaze, you have two ways to pour it all over your cake. First, you can mix all the colors and pour it on top of the frozen cake. Second, you can pour each color one by one and be creative to layer all the colors up. This depends on your vision of what your cake is going to look like.

We know now that mirror glaze cake is an authentic Russian cake designed by a Russian chef that has the glassy feature of a mirror. The beautiful mixing of some different colors to make the mirror glaze is what makes this deserved to be called authentic.

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