8 Interesting Facts About Russian Tortoise Before You Own It

When deciding for pets, the majority of us would stick at popular choices such as a dog or a cat. However, a few of us would consider smaller and slower animals, such as reptiles or fish. Reptiles can make a unique pet, and the idea of having an iguana or a snake sounds really cool […]

8 Worst Pet Animals to Pet in Russia

People love cute and cuddly pets. Pets are the ones that we interact with once we had done enough with humans. They are less complaining than humans and scientific researches have proven that pets could help to relieve stress and anxiety. But some pets could give you more headaches than people do, especially when you live […]

8 Most Favorite Animals to Pet in Russia

Russia has many types of cute animals that are worthy to be made as pets. Some of them have gained a lot of popularity on social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Not only in Russia, but the world also has set their eyes upon Russian exotic animals because of their cuteness. It is […]

3 Sweet Facts You Need To Know About Siberian Cat

Siberian Cats, What Are They? Siberian cats are originated none other than Russia. It is one of the common breeds as housecat in Russia. It is estimated to exist since 1,000 years ago. Its size were around medium to large according to cat’s measurement. The average weight is between 14 to 21 pounds with males […]