This Gorgeous Wild Cat Unfortunately Endangered: Lynx In Russia

There are many kinds of animal you can find on earth but until today, the scientist cannot confirm how many kinds of the animal exact number. They believe that among 8.7 species in this world, around one to two billion of it are animals. That shows that around 12% of this world consists of animals. […]

6 Most Interesting Facts of Volga River in Russia

Volga river is the place for some animals. There are 5 animals that live in Volga river. Those are Russian desman, Russian sturgeon, pelicans, flamingo and Caspian seal. They are both endemic and endangered animals. After knowing such information, you need to know 6 most interesting facts of Volga river in Russia. 1. The Largest River […]

5 Animals that Lives in Volga River

Volga river is national river of Russia. Russian people calls it “Mother Volga”. It is also the largest river in Europe in terms of length, watershed and discharge. Besides, there are about eleven big cities in Russia lays in Volga river basin. Volga river starts from the Valday Hills of northwest of Moscow. It flows […]

Top 6 Endemic Animals Living In Caucasus Mountain Range

Caucasus Mountains? A majestic mountain belts ranging from West Asia between Black Sea and Caspian Sea. The Caucasus mountains extend its reign from Southeastern Europe into Asia. Volcanic points noted in these ranges. The entire region significantly exposed to strong earthquakes from the volcanic activity and movement. The top peak in Caucasus range of mountain […]