Taaka Vodka; a Kind of Smooth and Exclusive American Vodka

There are usually two points about vodka that get misunderstood. First, vodka is not a liquor brand. It is a type of alcoholic beverage composed primarily of water and ethanol made from distilled starch- or sugar-rich plants such as rye, corn, wheat, or sorghum. Second, vodka is not always produced in Russia. Yes, it is originally from Russia, but it can be made anywhere around the world where the ingredients and distillery are accessible. One of the vodka brands we are about to discuss here now is Taaka. Is it said to be smooth and exclusive vodka made in America.

Popular Vodka Brands around the World

In the United States, some time ago, the best vodkas in the world were ranked. It was expected that in this rating there would be many Russian brands; however, vodka from France took the first place. Here are the brands:

1. Gray Goose, France. It is produced in the province of Cognac, which is famous for its brandy (cognac) from selected grains and water from the famous source of Gente. Gray Goose vodka is purified by limestone and distilled in small batches five times. This is very pure and high-quality vodka, for which experts predict is gooing to make the largest sales in the world in the coming years.

2. Crystall, Russia. Perhaps, in Russia, this brand is not so popular. It is because the taste of this vodka is very delicate which doesn’t really suit the Russian’s preference for vodka, but much sought by spirit lovers outside the country.

3. Krolewska, Poland. Polish never agrees that vodka is a Russian national drink. They are constantly trying to drag this vodka blanket over themselves. Alas, the world community believes that Russia and vodka are synonyms. But Polish can be happy with having their vodka on the third place.

4. Yuri Dolgoruky, Russia. Another brand that is not so famous in Russia itself. Yes, this vodka is exported more than being sold in Russia. The recipe used is classic with special additives to improve and soften the taste. So if you meet this vodka, go ahead and try it for fun.

5. Finlandia, Finland. On the other hand, this Finnish brand is very popular in Russia – and America, too. Classical Finlandia has a mild, pleasant taste, and the presence of a huge number of different taste options makes this brand one of the best-selling vodkas in the world.

6. Jewel of Russia, Russia. This vodka is made from wheat crackers and added with microscopic pieces of gold foil, as well as fructose and lactose. This brand is made through a non-traditional technology of production – quite a sophisticated selection.

7. Vincent, Holland. Not much is known about Dutch vodka in Russia. This particular vodka is made exclusively in small batches of wheat and barley. The drink undergoes double distillation, which softens its taste.

8. Rain, USA. This vodka is made from corn with diamond dust and coal used for filtration. This might sound strange and new, but the end product is very pure and flavorless – just like how a good vodka is supposed to be.

9. Absolut, Sweden. Surprised? Had you always thought that Absolut was Russian vodka? Well, here is the fact for you. It is definitely one of the most popular brands of vodka around the world that it has become more than just a brand but also a culture and lifestyle.

How About Taaka?

Now that you have seen the list, you could see that Taaka is not there. Does that mean it is not good vodka? The answer depends on many variables and could be very personal from one drinker to another. Let us dig deeper about this brand so you can get to know it better.

Taaka Vodka is produced by Sazerac, a pioneering company in the vodka market of the USA since 1948. The company, which is established in New Orleans, Louisiana, has been introducing the first American-distilled organic vodka around the globe under many names such as Taaka, Epic, Skol, Wheatley, Platinum, and many more. Each brand with different quality and taste. Taaka is four times distilled – at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky – and gone through a charcoal filtration, which is why it is one of the most tasteless, smooth, and clean vodka in the market.

Several reviews say that Taaka is perfect to be mixed with other spirits, liqueur, juice, and any other liquids or beverages to build up cocktails or make jello shots. This is very much because of how pure and clean the taste of the vodka is. However, Taaka is not that really good to be taken on its own as shots due to the heavy burning sensation and bitter aftertaste.

Taaka is considered a “lower shelf” type of vodka because it is very cheap – for a spirit – and easily accessible. People who love to get high but hate to spend too much money on the alcohol would definitely say Taaka is an excellent choice to be taken straight from the bottle, while bartenders would use it as a great mixer to budget down the expenses.  The level of alcohol in a 750ml bottle of Taaka vodka is 40% ABV and it is gluten-free.

If you ask; is Taaka worth to try? The answer is; YES. It is on par with the price tag, so there is nothing to lose. It is also great for parties as it has the flexibility as a great mixer. You can make all sorts of cocktails with this spirit and the bad aftertaste will be gone once it blends with other beverages. So, the winning point of this brand is that it is very smooth, clean and delicate although it belongs to the bottom shelf type of vodka.

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