4 Things To Know Before Drinking Moscow Mule

Everybody has their own favorite drink. For example, there are some people who love coffee and cannot start their day without getting coffee into their system first. Some people enjoy tea more than anything else and like to drink it in the morning or in the afternoon with some cookies. Both of those drinks are consumed by a lot of people not only because of its great taste but also for the benefits. Coffee is believed to be able to improve your metabolism while tea is relaxing.

Your favorite drink does not need to be a non-alcoholic beverage. It can also be an alcoholic one. Most people love beers. It usually only costs a little and easy to find or but anywhere. Now that canned beers can be found in many supermarkets, you do not have to go to a bar or a restaurant that offered alcoholic beers.

Another example of a favorite alcoholic beverage is a cocktail. The cocktail is made of a mixture of spirits and other ingredients, such as fruit juice, flavored syrup, or cream. You can find many kinds of cocktail and one of them is called Moscow Mule. What is Moscow Mule and how do you make it? Let’s learn about the things to know before drinking Moscow Mule.

Things To Know Before Drinking Moscow Mule

1. What is The Moscow Mule

One of the things to know before drinking Moscow Mule is its basic ingredients. This beverage is made of a mixture of vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice. You will also find a garnished made of a slice of lime. The composition of the ingredients is 9 parts of vodka, 1 part of lime juice, and 24 parts of ginger beer. You just need to mix all of them together and pour it over ice. This kind of serving is known as “on the rocks”.

Moscow Mule has another name. Since “mule” is also recognized as “buck”, it makes Moscow Mule’s other name is Vodka Buck. 

2. Is There Any Variation?

Moscow Mule comes with some kinds of variation. The variation is found specifically in the liquors used in the mixture. As mentioned above, the original recipe is made of vodka as the base. But you can change the vodka with bourbon.  The change of ingredient means the change of name. In this case, it is called Kentucky Mule or Horsefeather. You might also find the variation when the vodka is replaced with bourbon and coffee liqueur is also added. This one is called New Orleans Mule. So, if you are the person who loves to enjoy the sensation of alcohol and coffee at the same time, you might try that one 🙂

There are some other kinds of variation. The one with gin is called Gin-gin Mule while the one with tequila is called Mexican Mule. If you prefer rum, there are two options you can choose, either Jamaican  Mule (made of spiced rum) or Aussie Mule (made of Bundaberg Rum). Just like the rum, there are also two kinds of whiskey used in this drink. The Irish Mule is made of Irish whiskey while Glasgow Mule is made of blended scotch whiskey and Saint Germain liqueur. There are more variations of this drink. The variation is not only of the liquor but also of the ginger beer. But not like the liquor, there is only one variation of the beer which is the change of ginger beer with ginger syrup. The use of ginger beer is to provide the sweet taste in the cocktail. The same effect is also provided by the ginger syrup. This second part of the things to know before drinking Moscow Mule is very useful for the next time you are going out for a drink. You can ask for the variation you like the most 🙂

3. What Is The History Behind The Ginger Mule

This next part of the things to know before drinking Moscow Mule is the history behind it. There are two versions of the story. The first version mentions that the Moscow Mule was originally born in New York’s Chatham Hotel. There were three friends hanging out at the bar while drinking and nibbling some hors d’oeuvre. Then they came up with some idea which was to mix the vodka, the ginger beer (one of them was Jack Morgan, the president of Cock n’ Bull, a brand of bottled ginger beer), and a squeeze of lemon. The three of them tasted it together for the first time and was so glad it tasted great. They even said that the drink that a few days later was christened as The Moscow Mule was lifted their spirit to adventure.

The second version said that the inventor of the Ginger Mule is Was Price, Jack Morgan’s head bartender. He said that the invention happened accidentally when he was trying to get rid of unsaleable goods at the bar’s basement. Among the dead stock were Smirnoff Vodka and ginger beer, two ingredients used in the Ginger Mule.

4. Why Is It Served In A Copper Mug?

In the last part of the things to know before drinking Moscow Mule, you will find another interesting part of the Moscow Mule. The part is the kind of glass used to serve it. The Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug. All the best drinkers claim that it is beneficial to use copper mugs for chilled drinks because the metal is able to take on the cold temperature of the drink. That is why you will also get an extra-cool sensation when you drink The Moscow Mule that comes not only from the ice but also from the copper mug.

But that is not why the use of copper mug becomes popular. John Martin, the president of G.F. Heublein & Bro. Inc (an alcoholic beverages distributor company) went all over America to sell Smirnoff Vodka. When he went from bar to bar to sell it, he always took two pictures of the bartender with a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka and a specialty copper mug. He gave the first picture to the bartender and took the second one to show to the next bar he visited. That is why until today copper mugs are popular to serve the Moscow Mule.

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