5 Extreme and Adventurous Things To Do in Russia

Are you longing for having extreme and adventurous experience? Do you do it a lot in your country and you want to taste it in Russia, too? Don’t worry as Russia also provides such activities for you.

Similar to most countries, it offers 5 extreme and adventurous things to do in Russia. You may already know that Russia has many mountains and forests. So, some of those things still have relation to those natural places.

Here are 5 extreme and adventurous things to do in Russia.

1. Wild Tiger Tracking

Are you an animals lover? Do you not mind being near any of them? Well, that sounds great as you can try tracking wild tigers with a group of people. Also read: interesting facts of Siberian tiger.

In 1902, Russian explorer Vladimir Arsenyev along with native trapper Dersu Uzala mapped the region. It was at north of Vladivistok in Russia’s Far East. During the mapping, Vladimir saw many tigers. So, he wrote all about them in his memoirs.

Today, there are only 350 to 400 tigers remain in the wild. Although Vladimir can no longer do the work, www.responsibletravel.com can help you to experience such adventure as his. With $4000, you can have Tiger safari for two weeks. To do that, you hike in the Taiga to track the wild tigers along with local guides. You can also see some deer, bears, and Amur leopard during the tracking.

2. Lake Baikal Ice-Cycling

You may know ice-skating very well, but you most probably not know that there is such activity like ice-cycling. However, as long as you can cycling, everything is okay. The only thing different about this is that you should cycle across the frozen Lake Baikal in winter.

During winter, the largest fresh water container in the world is freezing. But the strong wind keeps it out of snow. Thus, that gives an American-Venezuelan team an idea to complete a round of ice-cycling across the lake. Then, they completed the round for 36 days in 2010.

If you want to try, there is Baikal Adventure that can lead four-day winter bike trips up to Baikal’s western coast. The trips also include camping along the way. You can also rent a bike from Jack Sheremetoff, owner of the Baikaler hostel in Irkutsk. Moreover, if you want to do it for free, you can go along with him on March as long as you bring along your own equipment. Also read: interesting facts about Lake Baikal.

3. Snowmobile Tour

Still in winter, you can have a snowmobile tour to Shunut Mountain. It is part of Ural Mountains. While enjoying the tour, you can learn about the history, geology and wildlife of the Central Ural area. (Also read: beautiful facts and mysteries surrounding Ural Mountains.

The tour is available from December to April which cost $380 for a full-day tour with a small group. The price includes guides, snowmobile equipment, warm clothes and snack. You should bring your own lunch or you can pay more. Moreover, you also need to pay for the entrance, transportation from and to attraction places and a translator because your guide will give you some advice along the way.

The tour starts from The natural park Olenyi Ruchyi (Deer streams) at 8 a.m. After wearing thermal suit and protective helmet and listening to short briefing, you should follow an intermediate trail to make sure that you can operate the machine well. Then, you are ready to go through Shunut Mountain and Sharik Mountain.

4. ATV Tour

Similar to snowmobile tour, but it differs in season and destination. However, the waterfalls is still part of Ural Mountains. Moreover, you don’t need to have skill to do this. Also read animals that lives in Ural Mountains.

The tour is only available from May to September. For $1,900 you will get protective equipment and your own ATV, maps and navigator, snacks along the way, 3 times meals per day and 3 days accommodation. The price excludes translator and transportation from and to attraction places.

On the first day, you will be transferred from Yekaterinburg to Bayanovka village. Then, you will listen to all procedures and things for the next day preparation and go to sleep. On the second day, you will get up at 8.00 and do all preparation before going. Then, you will ride along the track before hiking the waterfalls. You will have snacks and meals along the way until you go back to banya (Russian spa). On the third day, you will go to the very top and the main part of the range. On the fourth day, you go back to Bayanovka village and eventually to Ekaterinburg.

5. Adventure Tour with Military Van

You can experience a true adventure, like going off road and caving with this tour. Yes, you will see real cave and the most extreme thing you will ever know is you will cross 30 meters-width river with the vehicle.

You can have this in all season and as long as you are in good health and not pregnant. With just $100 you can have lunch, snack and equipment.

They will pick you up at 9 a.m. in Domodedovskaya metro station. You will ride your way to the cave and change clothes and wear your equipment. Then, your journey to underground cave start. After that, you will set a campfire and enjoy barbecue. Later, the off-roading begins which includes the 30 meters-wide river crossing.

Those are 5 extreme and adventurous things to do in Russia.

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