6 Fascinating Things You Can Do In Mount Elbrus

things to do in mount elbrusEveryone has their own hobbies. Some people like to sing, dance, adventure, or shop. And usually they will spend their vacation time doing their hobbies. And for those of you who have a hobby of adventure, then exploring nature must be your hobby. And you must be very interested in exploring the beauty of the mountain, especially the highest mountain in Europe, Mount Elbrus.

Mount Elbrus is indeed an extraordinary attraction for nature lovers. For the sake of the peak of Mount Elbrus, many of them are willing to spend their money and time. However, for lovers of nature, money and time is not a barrier to enjoying the beauty and conquering Mount Elbrus with an altitude of 5,642 meters. However, for those of you who intend and are interested in conquering the top of Mount Elbrus someday, the activities that you can do are not just climbing Mount Elbrus. But there are many other interesting activities that you can do before or after climbing Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe.

And we have provided 6 fascinating things you can do in Mount Elbrus specifically for you adventurous souls. These exciting activities will definitely make you want to spend more time on Mount Elbrus.

1. Do Climbing

Of course, when you visit Mount Elbrus, you can’t not climb. Everyone would want to conquer the grandeur of Elbrus. You can climb on Elbrus and rest in the lodges in the middle of the mountain. You can use a cable car from the nearest city. For complete information about climbing on Elbrus, you can read our previous article, which is 7 facts about Mount Elbrus – the highest mountain in Europe.

2. Visit Banya Or Sauna

The second activity that you can do after or before climbing on Mount Elbrus is visiting the many banya or saunas available in the city of Baksan. The temperature in the morning, which almost always reaches -30 Celsius, will definitely make you shudder to think about the temperature at the peak when you are finished or have not made the climb.

So for those of you who want to warm themselves up after or before climbing on Elbrus, try to stop in the baksan area and enjoy the warmth of the hot steam of the sauna. This will make your body temperature return to normal and not feel cold again. In addition, after you have done a lot or a sauna, you will feel more refreshed and eager to run other activities on Mount Elbrus. You can’t be willing to lose to the extreme temperatures there right? After a long trip to conquer Mount Elbrus.

3. Winter Sports

Other activities that most people will love most that you can do at Mount Elbrus are winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, or snow-tubing. Maybe you think, what’s the difference between these three sports winter? Indeed there are slight differences from these 3 activities. First skiing, which is winter sports that are very popular. Skier crossing snow using two ski boards mounted on the legs, and two sticks held by hand to help balance.

Then snowboarding, which is winter sports like skateboarding, the difference is only snowboarding is done in snow areas, like Mount Elbrus. And the last is snow-tubing, which is winter outdoor sports and the player sits on a round tire and slides. And for those of you who have never done these 3 sports, we recommend trying snow-tubing. Because snow tubing is easier. After that, try skiing or snowboarding which is more difficult and must have a high balance. Very exciting, isn’t it? Surf on beautiful Elbrus snow. Are you interested?

4. Safari Jeeps And Rock Climbing In Kislovodsk

For those of you who are interested in seeing the beauty of the wild on Elbrus, you can visit the city of Kislovodsk. The city of Kislovodsk is located 65 km from Mount Elbrus. While safari jeeps in this city you will see the wild, large rocky canyons, waterfalls, mineral springs, and white snow on the summit of the majestic Caucasus. You can do a jeep safari by hiring a tour guide, and they already provide transportation, lunch and drinks.

In addition, you can also do rock climbing. You are a rock climber or just want to try, you will love it! There is a large rocky canyon next to the Kislovodsk with more than 70 rock climbing routes with different difficulty levels. You must have imagined how exciting it is when you visit this place.

5. Fishing In The Baksan Valley

The next activity that you can do is fishing. Of course, many people like it. You can fish in the Baksan. The Baksan Valley is located on the southern slope of Mount Elbrus. There is a Baksan River in the city. Or you can do it in the Mali River or the Kuban River.

6. Culinary Tour

At Elbrus, we don’t just do outdoor sports. But you can also do culinary tours. Many regional specialties are sold around Elbrus. You can try shashlik, elbrus jelly, mountain honey or mountain tea. First you can try shashlik which is sold around the foot of Mount Elbrus. Shashlik is lamb skewers baked with special spices. For you meat lovers, shashlik is the culinary that you must try. Besides that Shashlik is also famous in Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Next is Elbrus Jelly. It’s a kind of jelly with spices packed in beautiful tubes and colorful jelly. Very interesting!

Other culinary items that you can buy are mountain honey and mountain tea. Russian people really like honey. Mountain honey in Russia is even combined with milk, butter and tea. Of course honey like this you’ve never felt before, but it feels really extraordinary. There are also alcoholic drinks mixed with honey called Sbiten. Sbiten is served hot during the winter. And finally you can shop for tea mountain. This tea is not like ordinary tea. Because they mix it with spices, flowers, berries and wild fruits that are very tempting to your tongue. You can buy this tea by paying 150-500 rubles.

Certainly very delicious, culinary hunting while enjoying the splendor of Elbrus. Eat shashlik, drink mountain honey or mountain tea, and elbrus jelly as a dessert.

Those are the 6 fascinating things you can do in Mount Elbrus. Surely you really want to do all these activities and can’t wait to spend the holiday at Mount Elbrus. Of course, you will not be bored and just feel tired after climbing. You can still do many things in this burgeoning place.

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