4 Surprising Facts About Ramon Palace in Voronezh 

In Russia, there is a small town called Ramon. The location is found just outside of Voronezh and is well known for the royal residence which was at one time the home of sovereigns of Oldenburg. They settled in Ramon Palace, Voronezh and wedded into the Russian royal family. 

This palace can tell a lot to the psyche and heart of a cutting-edge Russian. It is the main living arrangement of royal people in the Black Soil Region of Russia. Tsar Alexander II gave the palace in Ramon to his niece, Princess Eugenia of Oldenburg (born Princess Romanovskaya). What is more, she transformed it into a zone of happy living not only for her family, yet in addition for every one of the occupants of Ramon.  

Historically speaking, everything is striking in this story, such as the way of life of Their Highnesse, a long way from chic and idle extravagance, also the accomplishment of her pioneering exercises as well as liberal but sensible philanthropy. What is more, the palace itself is an example of happy housing, a sort of “brilliant home” without complex gadgets and modern bells and whistles.  

The terrible end of the considerable number of endeavours of Princess Eugenia in Ramon is encompassed by repulsiveness legends, so the red palace in the neo-Gothic style draws in admirers of paranormal phenomena. Be that as it may, perhaps a relinquished palace is an image of an old Russian issue: the quantity of the individuals who like to pulverize typically surpasses the quantity of the individuals who can construct. 

To have a better look into the legendary palace, we have rounded up 4 surprising facts about Ramon Palace in Voronezh. So, keep on reading!

1. A Reward Not A Gift  

It is often believed that Princess Eugenia of Oldenburg got the Ramon Palace from her uncle Alexander II as a present for the wedding. Be that as it may, this is not at all the case. She got hitched in 1868, and the blessing was made ten years later on June 27th, 1879. The engraving on a marble stone conveyed to Ramon from Bormazund military stronghold said that.  

The blessing was not an indication of the head’s support for her niece, yet a reward for her administrations during the Russian – Turkish war in the Balkans. Princess Eugenia of Oldenburg not just gave tremendous totals to support the injured yet she controlled each penny and accomplished the praiseworthy request in crafted by the sisters of kindness and giving emergency clinics everything required. 

2. Camel Wool  

A stunning fact is that during the presence of the palace in Ramon, there were never pests like creepy crawlies and rodents in it. Aficionados of spiritualists clarify this by the negative energy of the rooms. However, it is actually a lot less complex. The inward coating of the manor dividers comprises of a dainty layer of crude camel wool which filled in as an extra method for warm protection. Its smell dismissed flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice, and rodents.  

3. The Basement of the Palace  

The basement floor with a maze of administration rooms and paths turned into a wellspring of unnerving legends. To some extent, this was because of the pastimes of Peter Alexandrovich, the child of Princess Eugenia. He prepared a little octahedral stay with delightful vaults in the basement with mirrors and was totally occupied with mysticism there. 

The child of Oldenburg family brought the spirits of the dead which was famous among the educated public of the XIX century. Bits of gossip about these investigations gave nourishment for legends about the Black Healer and the Black Sorcerer.  

People often attributed peculiar yells and wails from the basement to casualties of black magic experiments or responses of the Princess who purportedly nourished wild animals with the assortments of uncontrollable hirelings. 

In fact, in the basement behind the bars, bear whelps and youthful creatures of predators executed during the chase were sleeping. After hibernation, the babies were discharged to the Menagerie, hunting domain, and afterward, to the will. 

4. The Ghosts  

The ghosts in the palace are tied to genuine historical occasions happened in the palace itself such as: 

  • White Girl 

White Girl is a ghost who might visit Princess Eugenia herself after the abrupt demise of a youthful servant. A young lady, pleasantly clad, was sent to meet the distinguished visitors. While sitting tight for them, she got cold in the breeze and became ill. 

She passed on with the words: “For what reason did you do it to me…” and she did not forgive her employer. From that point forward, the phantom started to upset the inner voice of Princess Eugenia of Oldenburg who was excessively severe to the hirelings. 

  • Lady in A Black Veil 

It is a legend about the relationship of Princess Eugenia with the home manager. The phantom of the fancy woman of the royal residence – a woman in a shroud – showing up in the house, kissed the manager on the lips – and he got truly sick. 

His child Sergey, attempting to spare his dad, removed the veil from the ghost, and the ghost vanished from the house. After that, Princess Eugenia drove up to the entryways of the palace. In the wake of hearing the tale of the kid, she said, “You, Serge, have an extraordinary future.” 

With the cash of Princess Eugenia of Oldenburg, Sergey Mosin was taught and turned into an acclaimed designer of firearms. In any case, the manager sold out the princess later as the researchers believe that the consuming of sweets distribution centres in the game changing year of 1906 was outlandish without his assistance. 

  • The Legend of the Sorcerer 

It is the proof that the princess experienced assaults of a genuine infection. The neighbourhood medicine man helped her dispose of these. As a reward, he was seeking after the affection for a respectable patient, yet rather got passing at the stake. Kicking the bucket, he reviled the palace and its occupants. Also, the Oldenburg family left the royal residence in 1908.  

So, those are 4 surprising facts about Ramon Palace in Voronezh. Are they surprising enough for you? 

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