All Facts About Uchan-Su Waterfall in Yalta 

Yalta‘s beautiful environment cover numerous marvels of nature. Their fixation per square meter rolls over limit, surpassing all imaginable and unimaginable norms. One of them is magnificent Uchan-Su waterfall situated on the southern slope of the wonderful Ai-Petri Mountain. 

Its name implies flying water in Crimean Tatar. It is the most noteworthy waterfall in Crimea and also in the entire Ukraine. The water stream tumbles from the 100-meter-high precipice and it is double the stature of Niagara Falls.  

In this article, we will learn discuss all facts about Uchan-Su waterfall in Yalta. So, without further ado, let us get right into the topic down below.

1. Popular Tourism 

Uchan-Su waterfall is a well-known vacation spot and is the most noteworthy waterfall in Ukraine. It is found seven kilometres from the city of Yalta most of the way to Ai-Petri Mountain. The waterfall is 98 metres high at an elevation of 390 metres and is generally amazing throughout the spring when it is encouraged by snow dissolving in the mountains. 

The Uchan-Su Waterfall is framed by the namesake stream that starts at the edge of one of the Ai-Petri tops and streams down the precarious incline, tumbling down with a crash at the elevation of 390 metres. Its downpour strikes stone edges and transforms into water dust, giving an awesome scene. 

Close to the cascade, you may locate an agreeable observation deck where you can expect a remarkable perspective on Uchan-Su, just as the Yalta Forest and Mountain Reserve. Guides encourage to come to Uchan-Su in winter or spring — the time it turns out to be full-streaming and can be seen even from Yalta. 

The cascade evaporates totally in a sweltering summer and at this timeframe, you can see an amusing plate at its base: “The cascade does not work”. In winter, its water solidifies, subsequently pulling in alpinists. The first who climbed this icefall was Yiriy Lyshaev, nicknamed Fantik, during the 1980s. 

2. The Flying Water 

The Uchan-Su waterfall from the Crimean Tatar language signifies ‘the flying water’. Crimean Greeks named it Kremasto Nero or ‘the hanging water’. The falls totally compares to this number of names and numerous faces. It appears to be unique at various occasions of the year; tough and thundering in the spring. In the late spring, it turns into a couple of lazy water streams streaming down. In severe winter, it solidifies, transforming into an amazing canvas as though woven of precious stone strands. 

3. The Legend of Beautiful Girl 

As per the legend, the grounds used to be a parched region and the water showed up there thanks to one of the most beautiful girls of the town close by. The mountain’s soul had taken her, yet the little youngster got away in a hurry to help her people who passed on as a result of the dry season made by Angel of Death. Descending from the mountains, the beautiful girl transformed into a quick current — Uchan-Su waterfall, which is translated to ‘the flying water’. 

4. The Highest on the Peninsula 

This great cascade is the highest on the peninsula. It is about 100 metres high. The normal yearly utilization of released water is generally around 50 litres per second. On its way down, the water forms two falls and there is a modest building with water consumption on the subsequent one. There is a great brilliant bird statue over it. From that point, the spotless water goes into the Mogabi repository and is utilized by the residents of Yalta.  

In ’86, Yuri Lishaev, the world-popular alpinist, moved from the base of the Uchan-Su to its highest point. In ’47, the Russians proclaimed the cascade a nature reserve and since ’73, the fall’s domain turned into an official piece of the mountain forest reserve in Yalta. 

There is a well-maintained trail going through stately relict pines prompts the cascade that is situated on the domain of the Yalta Mountain Forest Nature Reserve. To get there, you need to take a taxi No. 30 or No. 50 withdrawing from the Yalta bus stop. 

That is all facts about Uchan-Su waterfall in Yalta. So, are you interested in going there for vacation? 

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