List of Festivals you Can Attend in Kolomna

Festivals in Kolomna are held very differently and usually gather a lot of spectators and participants. And which festival would you visit – a classical music festival or a film festival? Or maybe you have long dreamed of attending a festival of rare gastronomy? You can find information about these and other events in this […]

Only in Russia; Skiing in Swimming Suit

Can you handle the extreme cold weather? Some of you may say yes, because there are things to keep you warm; thick blankets, jackets, wool pants, earmuffs, gloves, and other warm clothes. But how about taking them all out and leaving you with nothing but swimsuit to wear? It may sound crazy, but some people […]

May Day Philosophy According to Russian View

The first of May is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world, which is known under several names at once such as International Worker’s Solidarity Day, Spring and Labor Day, etc. In more than 50 countries, it is officially declared as a day off. However, in one country, on this holiday, people gather […]

Street Food Festival in Russia During Holiday in 2020

People say if you want to experience the culture of the land, then the festival season is where you need to be. Russia is no exception, especially with the four seasons in the vast region. There are probably more festivals there in any other place in the world.  No wonder, many travellers also check out […]

Russian Religious Festival Day; What Are the Preparations?

Do you like to come or join in celebrating a festival? What kind of festival have you participated in? What are some things you do when you enjoy festivals in your home country? There are many types of festivals held in each country in the world. Each of these countries have their own reasons why […]

Swimming in Winter: Russian Ice Bath on Ice Hole

Do you like swimming? Where do you usually swim? There are many places that people often use for swimming even though the most common place is in swimming pools. Swimming can also be a relaxing activity, or even add to your adrenaline by trying to swim in a place that is generally not a special […]

Sabantuy: Colors, Dances, Foods in Tatar Summer Festival

Do you love festivals? From gay pride events to multi-day music festivals, film festivals, art shows, and cultural events; summer festivals are a pervasive part of summer experience in every part of the world. Whether you are camping on-site or it is happening downtown during daytime, summer festivals will always offer you a splendid experience. […]

Living Up Your Life with Alfa Future People Festival

The electronic music in Russia has been growing together with its clubbing history which started in the 80’s with the disco fever. Then the dance sessions became a regular event in Saint Petersburg. But that was still the retro time. The real EDM trend in Russia was sparked by a club named Arma17 in Moscow. […]

7 Facts of Circle of Light Festival in Russia

Russia has been hosting several international festivals for quite some time like; Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival (SKIF) – a festival for aspiring modern and progressive musicians, Usadba Jazz Festival, Wild Mint – multi genre festival and street theater, Moscow International Film Festival, KROK International Animated Films Festival, and many more. As you can see, most […]

What to Do While Celebrating the White Nights in Russia?

To people who live closer to the equator, enjoying long days and shorter nights in person may sound like a dream. Leave alone the natural phenomenon of the northern sky. But, that doesn’t mean that all the mother nature’s beauties can’t be spread around the globe, thanks to technology. The beauty we are about to […]