Christmas in Russian Common Decorations

Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrated annually by Christians on December 25 to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrated in the evening service on December 24; and morning service on 25 December. Some Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas on January 6. What is christmas in russian common decorations? Before it, You can read Reason why learning Russian is important

In the western tradition, Christmas celebrations also contain non-religious aspects. Some Christmas traditions that come from the West include Christmas trees, Christmas cards, exchanging gifts between friends and family. There is also about Santa Claus. Russia is a country where there are many Christians. Christmas in Russia is a very special day. Even all place in this country have decoration in this special day. Christmas in Russia usualy similiar as the other country, especially western country. There are christmas in russian common decorations :

  • Christmas Tree

Christmas trees in churches or in homes may be related to Egyptian traditions, or ancient Hebrews. Others connect it to a special tree in the garden of Eden. But in the pre-Christian life of Europe there is indeed a tradition of decorating trees and placing them in the home at certain celebrations. The tradition of the modern “Tree of the Light” evolved from Germany in the 18th century.

  • Christmas Card

There is also a tradition of sending Christmas Cards. Thise began in 1843 by John Callcott Horsley of England. Usually with pictures relating to the story of the birth of Jesus Christ and accompanied the inscription: Merry Christmas and New Year.

  • Santa Claus

Also in order to celebrate Christmas is known the tradition of Santa Claus, which originated from the Netherlands. The tradition that is celebrated on December 6, now known as Santa Claus (or Saint Nikolas). That is legendary figure, who visited the children’s house on the night with a flying sleigh pulled some wildebeests dividing the prize.

  • Candlelight

In the Christmas season, candlelight depicts or gives a picture of Christ. Christ is symbolized as the light of the dark world. Not just in worship alone, in homes and in shops often inlaid with flashing lights. This has emerged from the patristic age as a picture of the light that defeats the darkness. The use of candles and flashing lights is the influence of Jewish or Hanukah light party. The Hanukkah feast is celebrated around Advent and Christmas, and is sometimes often spelled out in Jewish Christmas terms.

  • Magical Things

Christmas and New Year in Russia are often associated with magical and special things. The tradition of excitement is not only in religious rituals but also of ancient Slavic beliefs. When traced, the ancient tradition was born in the pre-Christian era, when the worship of the sun (pagan) is still a major belief. Especially from agrarian societies that depend heavily on the sun and the weather cycle to determine when to start planting seeds and forecasting crops. Please read Meal etiquette in Russian for your feed.

Among these beliefs are :

  1. White ice on Christmas day means good wheat harvest.
  2. A blizzard on Christmas Eve means the leaves will grow early.
  3. If the temperature at Christmas is warm, spring will be cold.
  4. A snowstorm means there will be many bees in the summer.
  5. Starry sky means good harvest of peas.
  6. A lot of snow means good buckwheat harvest.
  7. The dark Christmas period means the cow will be full of milk, while a clear Christmas means many chickens lay eggs.
  • Christmas Meal in Russia

At night, the Eastern Slavs will prepare a special meal on the table. Each family has its own special menu, but some dishes must be available at all the tables on Christmas celebrations. You can read When Russian Dining, There are Must Things

There are some menu on Christmas day in Russia :

  • Kutia

Kutia or koliva are the main celebration dishes. This dish consists of steamed wheat and honey, can also be added beans, raisins, and poppy seeds. The raw material of this porridge has a meaning in Orthodox culture. Wheat symbolizes the resurrection of death, while honey means immortality. Some religious people still make kutia for Christmas Eve, but usually use barley and sugar instead of honey.

  • Roast toast

Roast toast is the most luxurious meal in the Christmas celebration. During the Advent period, Orthodox followers should not eat meat or poultry. Therefore, they prepare many meat dishes at the end of the fasting period.

  • Pork Roll

Pork roll is only dishes which can rival the luxuries of roast goose. This elaborate and special dish can only be enjoyed by wealthy families because the cooked pork should be specific, between two and six months. The pork roll, served with porridge and vegetables, is a symbol that marks the completion of the fasting period with great fanfare.

  • Kulebyaka

This great pie must have been in all of Russia’s celebrations, include Christmas. The distinguishes kulebyaka from other pies is that there are different layers of content. One kulebyaka can contain several types of meat, red and white fish, rice, mushrooms, eggs, vegetables, even some types of dough.

  • Vinaigrette

The traditional salad with red beetroot, potatoes, carrots, and pickles sprinkled with vinegar and oil is still a favorite meal on the Christmas dinner table. For those unable to provide many dishes at Christmas, they will add the herring to the vinaigrette, or make an easier version with cheaper raw materials.

  • Kozulyi

Kozulyi is one of the most popular pastries in some areas of Ancient Russia. It is basically a gingerbread of diverse forms decorated with colorful sugars. The best thing about this pastry is that it can also function as a toy or decoration. You can shape it into anything. The traditional form of this pastry is angels, animals, birds, Christmas stars, and homes.

  • Vzvar

This dessert is a kind of fruit juice consisting of boiled fruits. People usually add honey, spices, and herbs. It’s a healthy alternative to Slavic tradition to replace wine and warm glintveyn.

That’s all some decorations Christmas celebration in Russia. The most wonderfull decoration is light in all around the Moscow. Its called Light Festival. You can read another interest fact in Russia. There are Russian Music and Bear as Culture Symbol

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