Most Popular Foods in St. Petersburg During Ramadan Fasting

Chicken KievAnother largest city in Russia beside Moscow is St. Petersburg. This city is on the banks of the Neva River and Finskiy Bay. Russia is a country with a large population of Muslims. The most religious believers in this country are orthodox Christians.

However, Muslims in Russia are also numerous. Russian Muslims are scattered in several cities, especially Moscow and St. Petersburg. There are some most popular foods in St. Petersburg during Ramadan fasting. See also How Christian Orthodox Celebrate Christmas

Most Popular Foods in St. Petersburg

How is Muslim life in Russia during Ramadan? Muslims in Russia this year should be stronger because fasting in this country is likely aproximately 20 hours. Russia is located in the northern hemisphere. In the month of May until July, Russia gets a day longer than the night. The sunset in this country can reach 9 pm, even more.

Then, how is the Russian Muslim through Ramadan? There must be special food during Ramadan. Actually, many Russian foods are halal because many Muslims in this country. These are some most popular foods in St. Petersburg during Ramadan fasting. You can read also Dining Etiquette in Russia

  • Beef Stroganoff

This food has been popular since the 19th century. In ancient times, Beef Stroganoff is food for high class society. Actually this food is original from France, but has been adopted by Russia. So in Russia, this food is very popular.

The beef stroganoff is a typical Russian beef dish. Beef stewed and then served in a sauce with smetana or sour cream. This dish has been popular all over the world, with considerable variations from the original recipe.

  •  Savoury Pancakes

Pancakes made from wheat flour, eggs, sugar, and milk. These ingredients are mixed with water to form a thick dough, which will be fried or baked on a flat pan. The pan that has been smeared with oil first. These cakes are usually eaten with extra butter, mapple syrup, jam, cheese, and honey.

Pancakes has become an international food right now. But each country has speciall pancakes. In Russia, there is Savoury Pancakes. This pancakes has its own variations. Savoury pancake filling with cabbage, meat and cheese. This food will fills when eaten at breaking the fast.

  • Borscth

Borscht is a red soup from Ukraine. This food is also very famous in Eastern Europe and also in the countries of Central Europe. The red color of this soup comes from the main ingredient of this culinary fruit of  beets. However, in some countries, some residents replace bits with tomatoes and beetroot only in addition to red reinforcement only. Beets cooked with vegetables and meat in this soup. The vegetables are cabbage, carrots, and other vegetables according to taste.

In addition to delicious, borsch soup is also healthy. The content of beet in belief can fight colon cancer. Beet fruits contain sodium, magnesium, kaslium, iron and also contain enough fiber. This fruit also has high vitamins A and C. Borscth will be great for breaking the fast during ramadan.

  • Shchi


The best known Russian food is the shchi soup. The basic ingredients are only cabbage and onions. This soup is popular because it does not recognize class distinctions, rich or poor. The Russians recognize the phrase “Our food is shchi and kasha”

This soup shchi has the main ingredient of cabbage. Many materials used to make shchi. But the components that must be used are cabbage, meat (fish or mushroom), carrots, basil, onions, celery, garlic, pepper and other sour-flavored components such as smetana, apple, sauerkraut, and pickled water. This soup is usually eaten with bread.

  • Pirozhki

Pirozhki is a small version of ‘pirog’ which means Pie from Russian. The origin of the word comes from the “pear” (“feast” of ancient Russia). This shows that every celebration should involve eating pirozhki.

These little pies are now sold everywhere in the country. Usually in small cafeterias and shops. The contents can be anything from meat, fish, and eggs to vegetables and fruits. You may read also Foods for Celebrations in Russia


  • Oliver Salad

Oliver SaladThis is a traditional salad dish that comes from Russia and is popular in European countries, Iran, Pakistan and Israel. Generally olivier salad made from tomato pieces, various vegetables, boiled eggs and sometimes ham meat with a dressing made from mayonnaise.

Fresh leaves like lettuce and lettuce can be an option for this salad. For the protein, add pieces of canned tuna, grilled chicken, sausage pieces or just boiled eggs.


  • Chicken Kiev

Chicken KievThis foods is one of the Most Popular Food in St. Petersburg During Ramadan Fasting. The name Chicken Kiev comes from the name of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. From the looks, this food resembles chicken cordon blue. Chicken Cordon Bleu contains cheese and ham, but Chicken Kiev contains spicy butter.

The characteristic of Chicken Kiev is perfectly recognizable through its juicy chicken meat. The delicious aroma due to the use of high quality butter and melted butter in chicken. Read also Popular Cuisine in St. Petersburg

  • Solyanka


Solyanka made from various mixed ingredients such as cabbage and pickled cucumber. This soup has extras, such as olive oil, capers, tomatoes, lemons, lemon juice and salted mushrooms. There are three types of solyanka. Meat solyanka, with a mixture of chicken meat, beef, or ham. Fish solyanka which usually uses salmon, creyfish, or sturgeon fish in the mixture.

The last is mushroom solyanka appropriate for vegetarians. Although the three are made from different raw, but all three have the same recipe of gravy that is made from pickled cucumber, cabbage, lemon and others. Solyanka is usually served when it’s hot.

That’s some traditional food that popular in St. Petersburg. Do you want to try? Actually, you can make them in Indonesia, because the ingrendient are not much different with Indonesian. See also The Meal Etiquette in Russia

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