Get to know 3 basic education system in russia

Education is the spearhead of the nation’s progress. Through high-quality education it will create the next generation of quality nation. The progress of a nation can be measured by the level of education of its young generation. This is the main focus in life in Russia. Education in russia is greatly enhanced and has always been the main object in Russian government policy. This article will discuss about get to know basic education system in russia. Read more facts of education in russia.

Get to know basic education system in russiaEducation in russia is the right for all russians to get a decent education. Moreover, basic education, because basic education is an education that must be obtained for all citizens of Russia. Russian citizens are enthusiastic in carrying out their education, especially basic education. Primary school in russia is not a frightening specter even made place of entertainment.

Primary schools in russia do provide entertainment as well as educate their students. Primary school in russia is also very fun and not monotonous so that students do not feel bored or not willing to school. Basic education in russia is divided into three levels of school, such as:

  • Primary school – 4 years (7 – 11 years of age)

At this stage, basic education in Russia takes place 4 years with the age of students between 7 – 11 years. This basic education divides into 4 classes and each class has only one room and one homeroom. The homeroom is also a teacher for all lessons except music and sports lessons. This basic education every day gets education and teaching in the classroom duration for five hours. First year students in Russian have been taught about Russian language and literature, mathematics, informatics, foreign languages, general knowledge and fine arts. They start to learn religion and manners in grade fourth.

For informatics lessons, this first year students are invited to get to know the computer device and how to use it, while other lessons such as fine arts then this student is trained to sharpen his right brain by making works in the form of making figure of plastisin, drawing and sticking the workmanship of carton, learn to sew buttons. Students in the second grade get foreign language lessons in the form of English, while fourth grade students will get religious and character lessons. The curriculum system is established since 2012. 

  • Middle school – 5 years (11 – 16 years of age)

In this school, grade levels have more than one room. In a day, students in this school have to change rooms and be guided by a particular teacher of a particular subject or in other words a teacher of one subject. Students in this school get teaching duration for eight hours. At the level of this class will also be taught russian language, regional languages, general and regional literature, history of russia, general knowledge, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, religion, art and music, basic safety and life safety, and sports.

Students of grade V in this school, will be taught mathematics by multiplication, rank squared and cubic rank. As for the older siblings, students of class VIII and IX will learn mathematics by applying quadratic functions in searching for acceleration of an object and will learn more about the geometry of an object. In addition, in the class will learn more complex physics again by learning heat, electricity and electromagnetic.

At the level of education in this school will be taught a new science that has not been obtained in the previous school of chemistry. Students in this school will learn basic chemistry of organic and nonorganic. In addition, students are also required to understand chemical reactions and remember basic chemical laws such as mass conservation laws, energy conservation laws and periodic systems. At this level of education is also taught biology education that studies the flora, fauna and anatomy of the human body. Social-based education is taught at this educational level like geography that studies the earth, the earth, the continent, the state, the tribe that exists in the world. There is also a study of history, closely related to the history of Russia from the great country uni soviet, even taught about the history of the 20th century modern era. 

  • Senior High School – 2 years (16-18 years old)

This education is the last level in basic education in russia. This level of education is divided into two types: vocational and high school education. This school is expected to graduate from this school capable and ready to go directly on the field or ready to work. But for high school educators, graduates from this school are prepared and must continue their education to university. Because in this school is only equipped with different theoretical science vocational school that the larger portion of the practice so able and ready to work.

For high school students will learn seven compulsory subjects such as math, language and literature russia, foreign languages, basic science of safety and life safety, and sports. While for the lessons of choice students can learn such as psychology, ecology, economics, law, astronomy, design, and art. However, students can only take three or four lessons elected above, because the maximum school hours in this school is limited to a maximum of 37 hours during the week.

Thus a brief explanation about get to know basic education system in russia. For those of you who want to stay in russia and send your child to school there then you should pay attention to the basic education system in russia. Although it looks the same as in Indonesia, but there must be different rules or the other. Since Russia provides those best facilities and offer a cheap education cost, we think you do not have to think twice to study in Russia. Russia also has unique language that will be additional language to learn.

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