7 Facts About Celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Russia

Russia is not a Muslim country like the countries of the Middle East. But that does not mean the celebration of Eid Al Fitr in Russia can be ignored. Although not a Muslim country, but Muslims in Russia have the second largest number after the Christians. As a form of religious freedom in Russia, the holiday of Eid Al Fitr became one of the national holidays in Russia. How did the Russians celebrate Eid Al Fitr? Here are some facts about celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Russia.

1. Eid Al Fitr is a National Holiday in Russia

Russia is a communist fraction of the Soviet Union. Once separated from the Soviet Union, new believers could struggle for the right to convert. Muslim struggle in Russia is not easy. Just to build mosques, Muslims in Russia are even given certain conditions. But because the struggle does not stop, Russian Muslims finally received a gift from the Russian government. When Putin became President of Russia, the Russian government made Eid Al Fitr as one of the national holidays. Even Putin president gave freedom to Muslims in Russia to celebrate this feast three days in a row. See also Eid Al Fitr in Ukraine

2. Pray Eid in The Great Mosque of Moscow (Moscow Chatedral Mosque)

Russia has some famous big mosques. In the city of Moscow, there is the Great Mosque of Moscow which became the place of prayer Eid Al Fitr. About 250 thousand worshipers perform Eid Al Fitr prayers in this mosque. Police and security guards closed down Durova and Vypolzov streets next to Moscow’s Grand Mosque to accommodate the large number of Ied’s prayers. Security around the mosque was very tight. A number of barricades and metal detector doors are installed around the location of Eid prayers.

The Eid prayer of Eid Al Fitr 2018 starts around 7 am Moscow time. Traffic around the mosque was diverted. Local residents who wish to cross the area around the mosque to work must rotate or show the identity of the residence in order to pass the guard.

In St. Petersburg, there is a very famous mosque commonly referred to as Bung Karno Mosque. This blue mosque is a witness to the history of the rise of Islam in St. Petersburg. Petersburg. Muslims gather to this mosque to pray Eid Al Fitr. See also Best Places in St. Petersburg for Muslim Traveler

3. Variety of Delicious Culinary

Where there is a celebration, then there is food. Russia has some typical food that is served for celebrate Eid Al Fitr, that is Manti. Manti is a kind of dumpling food. It could be said Manti is Russian dumplings. In addition to Manti, many other foods are usually served during Eid Al Fitr in Russia. Food for Eid Al Fitr is very diverse, which is made from goat meat, soup, salad, and sweet foods. You may read also Popular Foods in Moscow During Ramadan

4. Gifts to Relatives or Friends

To celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Russia, there are also events giving each other gifts. In contrast to Indonesia, where the parents give pocket money to the children. In Russia, everyone gives gifts to relatives and friends. Popular gifts are hijab and scarves. Many also provide a gift of religious books. Shortly before Eid Al Fitr, Muslims went to bookstores and Muslim shops to buy the parcel.

5. Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulates Eid al-Fitr to Muslims

“This holiday is marked across the country, both in religious communities, in family and friends. For years, Russian Muslim organizations have been actively involved in the life of the nation, highlighting the preservation of family and family values, charity and education, ” Putin said in an Eid al-Fitr message published on the official website of the Russian presidency on Friday, June 15, 2018. Putin thanked for Muslims in Russia have done all they can to maintain ethnic and religious peace as well as efforts to encourage young people to respect ancient customs and traditions.

“This hard, unconditional and fruitful work deserves our respect and support,” Putin said.

6. Indonesians Gather at the Indonesian Embassy to celebrate Eid al-Fitr

In the middle of a bright and cool spring, about 400 Indonesians join the Eid Al Fitr in Moscow. Although far from the homeland, happiness emanated from their faces that throughout the morning and afternoon greet each other. They talk after the Eid Al Fitr prayers held at the Embassy Building.

The celebration begins with Eid Al Fitr prayer. The priest is Mursakin, Principal of the Indonesian School of Moscow, while the preacher is Rifki Zulkarnain, an Indonesian student in Russia. In his speech, Rifki said that after the end of Ramadan, does not mean the end of the atmosphere of devotion to Allah SWT. But it is a tough task to prove the success of Ramadan with the increase of devotion to Allah SWT. Read also Best Places to Muslim Traeler in Moscow

7. Some World Cup Players Celebrate Eid in Russia

Some players will celebrate Eid Al Fitr while defending their respective countries at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
Muhamed Salah is the one of the players who celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Russia. Although it was doubtful will appear in the World Cup due to injury, Salah turned out to play in Russia. In addition to Salah, there is also German playmaker Mesut Ozil. Senegal star Sadio Mane will also celebrate Eid al-fitr in Russia.

Here are 8 players that are widespread in Russia : Muhamed Salah, Medhi Benatia, Paul Pogba, Ahmed Musa, Xherdan Shaqiri, Mesut Ozil, Marouane Fellaini, Sadio Mane. See also Popular Foods in Yekaterinburg

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