6 Most Popular Foods In Moscow During Ramadan

Muslims around the world are currently undergoing fasting Ramadan. Muslims in Russia generally fast for 17 hours. This is one of the longest duration of the fast in the world. There are about 8000 mosques and 20 million Muslims in Russia. Approximate two million of them live in Moscow City. There are a variety of unique and interesting traditions including the typical food that each country has before breaking the fast. What most popular foods in Moscow during Ramadan fasting?

In addition to breaking the fast with dates and other fruits, Muslims in Russia also eat bread for meal. In Russia, Muslims have Khingalsh as a typical meal iftar. Khingalsh is a bread made of flour. Its filled with a variety of different dishes. Bread commonly found in southern Russia is usually filled with cheese or pumpkin. There is also Galnash which is bread made from wheat.

6 Most Popular Foods In Moscow During Ramadan

While the drink that must exist during Ramadan is Kvass. This drink is the result of fermented bread or wheat-grains that do not contain alcohol. In addition to these foods-drinks there are other options that can be used as a menu takjil that taste sweet and popular Russian citizens. Let’s peek what is the food or the Russian-style cookies are often used as a menu iftar :

  • Tula

TulaNamed Tula ginger cake comes from Tula, a town 120 km south of Moscow. Tula is often identified with delicious ginger cakes, until in 1990s founded a special museum of gingerbread. Tula Gingerbread also called honey cake. Its was first enjoyed in Ancient Egypt and entered Russia in the 9th century. At that time the legendary Rurik and Oleg Novgorod joined the Eastern Slavs. They alsi joined the Finno-Ugric tribe while forming a unitary state. See also The Meaning Bread and Salt in Russian Wedding Tradition

At that time ginger cake made from wheat flour mixed with honey and juice berries. This cake gets its modern name when its recipe is modified with spices from India and the Middle East that first appeared. Its appeared in Russia around the 12th or 13th centuries. Modern ginger cake is a split square shape filled with jam or condensed milk.

  • Bird’s Milk Cake

Ptichye MolokoThis is one of the most popular foods in Moscow during Ramadan fasting. Although the name is Bird’s Milk Cake, this cake is not one bit made from processed birds. Bird’s milk cake is the first patented cake in Soviet times in power. The official recipe was developed by a group of koneksioneri under the leadership of Vladimir Guralnik. He known as the legendary figure in the Russian culinary world. You may read also What The Meaning Bread and Salt in Russia for you feed.

Guralnik is a dessert chef at a Prague restaurant in Moscow. This cake recipe is originally from French marshmallows, but has been modified. Ptichie Moloko or bird’s milk cake is still very popular in Russia until now. Its popularity can be seen from various artificial versions that can be found everywhere, even in the most expensive stores.

  • Pastila

PastillaPastilla first appeared in the 16th century. This cake originally made from apple acid, honey and egg white. But since the 19th century, this Kolomensky pastel recipe is a secret. It was not until later that candy makers in France added egg whites that were shaken to harden. Its added with apples and puree to discover a new delicacy now known as French marshmallows. At the same time, Russian candy makers began to use sugar instead of honey. Pastels are now made using the same process.


  • Chak-Chak

Chak-chakThe original recipe of this cake comes from Turkish. Chak-chak is one of the favorite pastry of Russian people who love sweet taste. This snack is a national dish of the Tatar and Bashkir tribes. Its the largest ethnic Muslim minority in Russia.

But unlike pastels, chak-chak recipe has not changed from the start. This eastern delight cake is made of soft dough and raw egg. Then shaped into short, short stalks like fried macaroni attached. Once taped to each other round and poured hot honey sauce on it. This stack will harden before serving.

  • Prague Cake

Prague cakeAlthough the name is Prague, however this variation of the Vienna Sachertorte has only a very weak relationship with the capital of Czechoslovakia.

The Russian poet, Vladimir Guralnik developed this cake recipe. He learned from a Czech teacher who was traveling to Moscow. Prague cake is made from 4 different types of cream. There are cream mixed with brandy and other liquor. The ingredient for the cake is soaked in rum. This cake include halal food in Russia because its contains only a small amount of alcohol. So the alcohol content is not intoxicating. That’s why this food is popular as an iftar meal in Moscow. Read also most popular foods in Russia during winter

This Viennese original cake does not contain any cream at all. Unlike Ptichie Moloko (Bird’s Milk Cake), Prague cake recipe is never patented. This delicious sweet food is easy to find in all the pastry shops spread across Russia.

  • Vatrushka

VatrushkaThis snack is a kind of round bread made of yeast dough, short or without yeast. The making is quite simple, this soft bread comes with grilled cheese with sugar, jam, condensed milk or fruit puree.

That’s all some cake that become most popular foods in Moscow during Ramadan fasting. Actually, there are many others halal foods in Moscow, because Islam is the second largest relegion in Russia. During ramadan fasting, usually there is a Halal EXPO in embassy office of Indonesia. There are many Russian who loves Indonesian foods. See also most popular foods in St.Petersburg during Ramadan fasting and Most popular drinks in St. Petersburg during Ramadan fasting.

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