Do You Want to Know President Putin’s Music Taste? Here’s the Answer

Liking a music does not have boundaries is not it?

Everyone without exception can listen to their favorite music. Through music, people are able to have fun together. Young and old, rich, poor, and many other factors can like the same music.

But did you know about the president or minister of music tastes that exist in your country? People must be wondering about this.

Then, I was curious about this. You know about Russia, don’t you? Most of you know who the president is in Russia. But, do you want to know about President Putin‘s musical tastes? If so, here’s the answer.

The musical taste of someone who serves as a minister or a president is sometimes different from ordinary citizens. Although not a few who have the same musical tastes. Sometimes the president and minister do not reveal what their musical tastes are like in their daily lives. There are various reasons why people who play an important role in a country hide facts about the taste of music they like. But there are several occasions where they indirectly show what kind of music they often listen to.

That seems to have happened in Russia. Many people in Russia are wondering about the musical tastes of the people in the country’s government. They seemed curious about the taste of music as President Putin heard. However, facts about a president’s musical taste are rarely known to the public. Until the reporter finally able to find some of the details about the Russian leader’s musical tastes.

So, in this article, I will try to answer a little of your curiosity about President Putin’s musical taste. Here’s the answer …

  • President Putin always prefers Russian music and Russian singers

When he got questions about what his musical tastes were like, President Putin said, “I am Russian and like Russian music.” There is not a detailed word about what kind of music tastes that become his favorite. So that no one knows for sure about the song that President Putin most likes. This is what makes people become curious and also wondering about it.

According to President Putin’s words, he prefers Russian singers and Russian music. Perhaps, if asked to choose which one is his favorite singer, we can already guess which one he would choose. There are people who argue that President Putin likes Russian singers and Russian music because President Putin’s parents and family prefer to listen to domestic music, whether it’s the Soviet Federation or Russia. This time President Putin likes to listen to the songs, the composition of the Soviet stage in the 1970s. President Putin also likes songs that fill the soundtrack of Soviet films.

  • President Putin loves to listen to music of various genres

As time goes by, there are people who often change their musical tastes to follow the current trends. If you ask young people, there is usually someone who answers to keep them up to date. Another factor that affects the person’s changing musical tastes such as age, gender, environment, family, friends, lovers, or perhaps the other.

So also, with the President of Russia, President Putin. President Putin did not talk much about the taste of music he heard in everyday life. If only seen from his face, it is quite difficult to determine which singer he likes and what kind of song he likes. The President noted that his preferred musical tastes changed over time. Now President Putin likes to listen to music from various genres. For example, the genre of Rock-n-Roll. But back again, according to words uttered by President Putin, he will always choose Russian singers and like Russian music.

  • Light Classical Music and Jazz

President Putin once shared his memories about music. He said that the first sound he clearly remembered was the voice of his singing mother. It may also be because of the parents and families, President Putin is very familiar with Russian and European classical music. The President even has his favorite composer. For original Russian (domestic) composers, President Putin likes Pyotr Ilyich Chaikovsky. As for classical composers from outside Russia, the President likes Mozart, Schubert and Liszt.

There was an interview where a beautiful blind girl interviewed President Putin. The girl asked several personal questions. One of those questions was about President Putin’s musical taste. When he got the question, the President said that he really liked classical music. On another occasion, President Putin said that he was fine with the type of light classical music and jazz.

  • The Beatles

There are people who say if President Putin likes The Beatles. That person could conclude that because President Putin admitted to Time magazine photographer when the photographer took his picture for the sake of the magazine if he loved The Beatles. The Beatles member who became President Putin’s favorite, Paul McCartney. The Beatles song that became her favorite is a song called “Yesterday”. Even President Putin met Paul in the Kremlin and came to The Beatles concert in 2003 at Red Square.

  • About Being fans of ABBA

When coming to a government concert, the expression on President Putin’s face was very difficult to interpret. It’s hard to say which singer the President likes. President Putin always listens to the concert attentively, kindly when talking to musicians. But President Putin never praised or scolded anyone openly.

There are some rumors that President Putin, who was visiting Sweden, came to attend the reunion concert of ABBA in Stockholm. The President was among a hundred people who have the privilege to come to the concert. But it was never proven. Even President Putin himself denied it. The president said that he was not a big fan of ABBA.

And maybe there are still some of President Putin’s music taste that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can slightly answer your curiosity about President Putin’s musical tastes.

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