Marrying A Russian You Fall In Love With? Know These 9 Laws First

Have you ever heard about how love doesn’t discriminate? It knows no boundary. You can love anyone, regardless of where they’re from or what is their race. It could happen to someone and a random Russian guy or girl, for example. And that someone is you. Because why else you’re here reading this article. Congratulations, apparently you have found the love of your life, and he or she happens to be a Russian.

We know. Russian guy or girl can be irresistible. It’s hard not to fall in love with them. Russian girls are beautiful. With their long flowy blond hair and blue eyes, and cultured attitude. Russia is a country where many supermodels are originated. One of the examples of this is Irina Shayk. The guy is no exception. Coming from the land of harsh winter, it is in their genes that they’re strong as they are handsome.

So, love’s is in the air. And your Russian boyfriend finally proposed to you. Or you have proposed to your Russian girlfriend. The planning for the wedding is gonna be exciting. You start to plan the venue of your Russian traditional wedding, how many guests you will invite, the wedding dress, and what kind of celebratory Russian food will be at the wedding buffet.

Well, not so fast, lovebirds. Aside from dealing with the happy stuff, let’s learn first about the bureaucracy of weddings in Russia. Let’s take a look at some laws and rules you clearly need to pay attention if you want to have a happily ever after with a Russian.

1. A foreigner can marry a Russian in Russia

Marriage in Russia needs at least one person to be Russian. This means, you as a foreigner is eligible to marry your Russian sweetheart in his/her home country. What you need to do is prepare everything beforehand, especially if you want to have a wedding in Russia too. But before everything, you have to prepare the documents needed for the marriage registration. So, continue reading…

2. The couple needs to prepare the required documents

Yes, you need to pay attention to the documents. If one of the future spouses is not a Russian National, the requirements are surely different than when the couple both are Russians. Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • Passport. You present the real passport to the official and submit one copy.
  • A valid visa.
  • Translation of the passport to Russian. The translation must be notarized.
  • Document proofing that you’re not currently married. You can get this document from the embassy.
  • The application form, filled and signed.
  • Proof of residency for the non-Russian nationals.
  • All the foreign documents must be translated to Russian.

Lastly, both parties need to be present during the registration process at the office.

3. The visa requirement is easy

You don’t need any special visa if you want to get married in Russia. Any visa will do. You can use a tourist visa, business visa, or even a student visa. They are all accepted as long as they are still valid. However, you must provide a visa with a certificate from your country’s embassy in Russia. It’s a certificate declaring your right to get married.

4. Joint declaration

Another important document you need to prepare is a joint declaration. You will need to make it together with your partner and sign it together in front of the marriage official. This is why both parties need to be present when you register your marriage to the Russian government.

5. Expect to pay some fee

Getting married need some money. The registration fee will be your first spending as a spouse when you get married. The fee ranges from 160 Euro to thousands, depending on the documents, how you will need lawyer and translation, and many more. The official fee (the state tax) itself for registration is around 350 rubles or only 5 US Dollars!

6. Waiting period

After submitting the application, there’s a 31 waiting period. After that, you’ll be given the day of your wedding. You can get married and have a wedding between 32 to 60 days after your application. It’s when your marriage certificate will be issued. If you’re in a hurry, it can be shortened, but you will need to appeal to the registry office.

People apply around one-two month in advance so by the time they hold a wedding reception or an Orthodox church wedding, they have the would also have the marriage certificate already.

7. Foreigners rights

Once you get legally married, you are granted a residence permit to live in Russia. You can apply for citizenship too but for that, you’ll need a certain level of fluency in Russian as well as a proof that you’ve been living in Russia for at least three years and have been a taxpayer too.

8. You can marry in a third-party country

Many people go to a third party country to have an easy uncomplicated wedding. Countries such as the Czech Republic and Fiji are among the popular choice. The process is known to be much more uncomplicated. If you want to have some sort of Vegas wedding, you can consider a third party country.

9. Polygamy and polyandry isn’t allowed in Russia

Russia prohibits polygamy and polyandry in a marriage. This is why you need a document proofing that you are not currently married. If you are divorced or widowed, then you need an additional document. Those documents are your divorce certificate and if you are widowed, the certificate of death of your former husband or wife.

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