6 Benefits of Learning Russian at an Early Age

Learning is not dependent by age. It is never too late to study. However, it would be better if the learning starts early, including learning a foreign language. There are thousands of languages in this world. Studying one or more foreign languages is very exciting. In addition to helping us communicate with foreign people, learning a foreign language can also increase our IQ. Learning russian at an early age is benefits.

Russian is the 7th largest number of speakers in the world with an estimated 145 million speakers. It is not as much as the English (402 million speakers) that has become the international language. Russian is used only in some Eastern European countries, Central Asia and beyond.

Most speakers of the Russian language are ex-Soviet countries and surrounding areas. So it is true that this language is familiar language. If in roughly regions with Russian speakers dominate 1/6 of the earth. So learning Russian language at an early age is benefits without no reason.

6 Benefits of Learning Russian at an Early Age

The Indonesia-Russia relationship is currently undergoing considerable improvement. Since the reform of relations with the ex communist state has started to improve. Various bilateral cooperation in various fields was done quite well. Education is one area of cooperation between these countries. Russian will be important thing to this education field. Every year Russian government give opportunity to Indonesian student to study in Russia. There are several reasons why learning Rusian language ​​early is more benefits.

  • Children are Easier to Learn Quickly

Russian is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn. Various language learning sites say that it takes at least a thousand hours or 44 weeks of lessons to master this language. Learning at an early age like carving on a rock. It will be better and easier to take the subject matter at an early age. Because the mind of children are still fresh. Children at age 0-6 years have rapid development phase of language. In that age range, the child’s first language skills are perfect. They are also considered of being introduced to foreign languages.

Children with multilingual actually have better cognitive abilities. They also can adapt to social environment well. Referring to it, it feels good to immediately provide foreign language skills to children. Especially in globalization era as today. Their ability of foreign languages will certainly be a provision in competing both at school and their occupation someday.

  • Have High Curiosity

Children not only have the ability to quickly accept new material, but they also have high curiosity. When you introduce a foreign language to the children, it is not impossible they will ask a lot. For example, when taught Russian they will ask what Russian language of chicken, etc.

The answers you give will be responded to their brain and remembered for a long time. If they asked more, they will get more answers. This means that they will have more vocabulary.

  • Children will Have Great Knowledge

Learning a foreign language can increase knowledge. When you have mastered a foreign language early on, it is possible take information in that language. For example when you read the Russian news, you will be able to find the information in the news. People who can’t use Russian won’t take that. It means, children who have language ability, have more knowledge than the others. Because they have the opportunity to gain new knowledge from various sources. So it will be great to learn Russian at an early age.

  • Gain Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is to analyze ideas and dig deeper to reach our true potential. Critical thinking is not about thinking further or thinking harder. It’s about thinking better. Benefit of learning Rusian languages in early age is children are more critical. This ability is needed in the future when he is faced with problems in their occupation someday. Someone who has high analytical skills also usually have a high leadership spirit. Of course, this is very profitable for their career someday.

  • Children be More Confidence

Social media allows everyone in the world to have directly interact. We can meet and make friends with many people in the world. Language is the main in communication. One thing that increases self-confidence in others is the ability to communicate well. With language ability, children will be more confident. A child with foreign language skills will be more flexible in his or her relationship. He will not be inferior or afraid to meet and communicate with anyone.

Especially in globalization era as today, foreign language becomes an important supporting factor. By having a foreign language skills he will easily communicate and socialize without feeling humble.

  • Have More Opportunity to go Russia

Well, the sixth advantage is the child will have more chance to go Russia. Someone who has Russian language ability will get a plus. He has a wider opportunity to go Russia. Russian government will make it easier for people who can speak Russian to stay in their country. For example, when the child grown up and there is opportunity to exchange student in Russia. Children who have Russian language ability will get more chance than the others.

That are benefits learning Russian language at an early age. Children who have foreign ability will have wider desire. Go to abroad seems not hard for the person who have those skill. Russia is a country which have good economic development. It is not impossible if one day our children cooperate with Russian people.

Do not narrow the dreams of our children. Let’s intruduce foreign languages early for them. But if the child seems hard to study, do not ever force it. Because learning should not be a trauma to children. We can introduce Russian language for children by Russian music, cartoon or TV Show first. If they are curious, then we can ask them to learn Russian language. See also Reasons why you must learn Russian Now as well  some tips To Learn Russian Language Effectively. To increase your knowledge deeper worth to try learning Idioms and Proverbs in Russian Language

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