5 important things to know when visiting a Russian house

Russia what comes to your mind ?. Most of you are usually instantly flashed into the minds of the immortal cold, the bears, the vodka, and the disenchantment of their citizens. The stereotype is very common. However, these conditions are not all right, you must prove it by visiting Russia. In Russia, looking for Russian friends is not easy. Though they are kind and helpful, the Russians are very closed and may only refer to friends after having known them for years.

However, if you are lucky to be invited to their home then be prepared because the visit will be like a ritual. This article will discuss about 5 important things to know when visiting a Russian house. You must read too activities that russians do in their free time.

Each country must have a different culture, one of them Russia. Culture can be a tradition, custom or perspective against strangers. Here are 5 important things to know when visiting a Russian house, such as:

1. Make sure you bring a gift for the host

These gifts can be cakes or sweets to eat together when drinking tea. If the host has a child, you can buy a small gift for their child, it can be food or toys so that their children will not interfere with your visit. However, if you want to give a wallet gift, you must give a wallet full of money. This has become the perspective and habits of Russian people.

2. Tradition of removing shoes when entering the house

Many people in different countries do not take off shoes in their homes, for example in Germany. But in Russia, you have to really take off your shoes when entering the house of the Russians. This is because in Russia has a fairly long winter. The streets are muddy make shoes become dirty. Conditions like this that make them get used to take off shoes before entering the house because the Russians want to keep the cleanliness of his house.

3. Russian people shyness shook hands outside the door of the house

If you visit the house of the Russians, they will not shake hands outside the door of the house. Therefore, you should first step in and shake a new hand and remove your jacket or hat. Because this would be considered more polite in the Russian tradition. Read too most hated things for russian people.

4. You will be taken around the house and into every room

If you visit the house of russians then you are taken around the house and into every room. Once satisfied around the house, do not be surprised if at the end of this “tour” you are asked to remain in the kitchen. In this kitchen, the majority of Russians used to do almost anything related to food, ranging from eating, drinking tea, cooking, to washing dishes. For dining room only used on big day and holiday.

The tradition in russia, when there are guests who will visit home then the host will provide food first. The host will prepare a Russian-style table to make some lettuce, serve hot food, and serve appetizers. The host will keep reminding you to keep sitting and eating. If you are a Muslim you should say earlier before you visit if you are a Muslim and explain what kind of food and drink is forbidden to you. The majority of Russians will respect your beliefs and they feel trustworthy. You must read most popular foods in moscow during ramadan fasting.

5. Russians love to talk about various topics

Majority Russians are highly educated, fond of reading and happy to talk light things. You should also quite master things related to life, politics, mother, children, destiny, Dostoevsky, and about all things in the world or in your country. If you like to talk then the conversation situation continues and even debates the topic raised, because the Russians love long discussions.

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The house of russia is a unique but interesting house design. Generally Russian people reside in wooden houses, where wooden amar or what they call “izba” can be found in various places in Russia. In ancient times, Izba was a traditional Russian wooden house commonly used by Russian peasants from the time of the ancient Slavs to the beginning of the 20th century. Under conditions, Izba has a roof and a window with a sloping hay at the front. On the Floor izba is a wooden floor. A izba usually has only one large room as a place where farmers perform various activities, from cooking, eating, to sleeping. One of the interesting things about izba is the big bricks or stoves of clay. For the word “izba” itself comes from the ancient Russian, from the word “istopit” which means ‘turn on the stove’. This furnace condition is built on the foundation of the house so as not to lean to one side. Under the stove is usually used as storage of dishes and cooking utensils.

That’s what 5 important things to know when visiting a Russian house. This article is useful for you, if you visit to Russia and will visit the house of russian then you should pay attention to it. With that in mind, then you will be comfortable visiting the house of Russian.

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