8 Charming Physical Appearance of Russians

Russia is the largest country in the world. The extent reaches 17,075,200 km2. Most parts of Russia are cold. In winter, temperatures range from -8oC around Moscow to more than -35oC in Central Siberian Plateau. In summer, temperatures vary according to latitude, the temperature of July month ranges from 8 ° C along the coast of the Arctic Ocean to 20 ° C at the southern end. Climatic conditions like this, which makes the physical condition of Russian people different from neighboring countries. This article will discuss about 8 charming Physical Appearance of Russians.

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No wonder that physically russia people are interesting. Besides interesting also has a good personality. Here are 8 charming Physical Appearance of Russians you must know, such as:

1. Beautiful / handsome

It’s common knowledge that russians are beautiful and handsome. about the beauty of the Russian woman who is not half-hearted, almost near perfect. Even russian women often win world beauty contests.

2. Unique makeup

The majority of Russian women have unique makeup in their daily lives. Russian women often dress up so attract attention, especially for strangers who just saw it. In general, Russian women when dressing up have a style that seems to be going to dinner to a fancy restaurant or go to a theater opera.

Russian women have a thick face makeup model and wear high heels. Even when going to shop for everyday needs in the mini market alone they use excessive perfume. Russian women are classified as fashionable. For more facts about women, see 5 Facts about Russian Women.

3. Smart and educated

In addition to beautiful, Russian women on average have a high education and intelligent brain qualities. This is clear evidence that Russian women are smart and many have degrees from advanced education. Departments are sometimes classified as not common, such as nuclear technology. This intelligence can be influenced by genetic factors also influenced by external factors. External factors are nutritious nutrients to educate them.

4. Dislikes to degrade others

Despite possessing intelligent and beautifully-intelligent brain contents, Russian women do not feel arrogant. In fact they have characters that appreciate or dislike degrading others, especially in men. Russian women will never show off their high educational background or start a conversation on the subject unless the other person asks that. For men who may not have a higher education background, do not worry about approaching Russian women, because they never see love from your school background.

5. Smile on certain people

This condition is inversely proportional to people in Indonesia who have a tendency to smile at many people. Russian women do not do that. The majority of Russian women never smile at strangers and they only smile at people they know. Therefore do not be surprised if you meet a Russian woman and she assumes you are not just because she does not smile at you. You can do best way to start learning Russian.

6. Loyal

The majority of russian women are notoriously loyal. The loyalty of Russian women is no doubt the truth. Because one factor is the number of men who are fewer than the number of women in Russia. This makes it difficult for a Russian woman to get a partner. Therefore, if you have a partner then the Russian woman will take care of her wholeheartedly. So it does not cross the mind to cheat, because the difficult business that they do not want to lose a partner.

7. Aggressive

As explained earlier, the ratio of Russian women is greater than the number of men, so the majority of Russian women work hard to earn partners. Therefore, in relationships, Russian women are more aggressive than women from other countries. Aggressive is more positive, such as being more open to a man who feels quite close to them. Therefore, if it is officially married, Russian women will love their partners completely, proud to have the couple, but the Russian woman is sometimes also a little protective.

8. Not picky

In general, European women like to be picky when choosing a partner, but it is different with Russian women. Russian women are indiscriminate about love, need not be like this or should be. The majority of Russian women argue that their origin has feelings of love and the opposite sex also feel the same, so Russian women do not really care about what kind of couple, especially physically.

The physical condition of russia people influenced by ethnic european. Physical conditions are white, high, blue eyes, nose-nosed and black haired most people russia. High body condition is great, because the Russians are descended from the yamnaya nation. The Yamnaya are known to be the human race that has the greatest potential of having the highest body. This proves that Russian people are a mixture of the Asian and European races. The Asian race is a descendant of the Mongoloid race. In Russia, they include the Kalmuk, Evenk, Yukagir, Buryat, Tuva, Khakass, Chukchi, Koryak, Eskimo, and Aleut.

Thus the 8 charming Physical Appearance of Russians. This article helps you in observing people abroad. From this article we can see if the people we meet on the street are ethnic people. If the Russian people have mentioned above that the Russian people are a mixture of ethnic asia and europe.

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