What Makes Modern Russian Architecture Suitable for Your House?

Building a house based on what we want certainly gives a certain satisfaction, right? You can be more comfortable and comfortable living in a house that suits your own design. Especially if your house is on a large enough plot of land, it will increasingly make your idea of the design freer. Each country in […]

Why Russians Hang Carpet On Their Walls? Here is the Answer

One of the weirdest things that Russian people do is hang carpet on their walls. Try to walk into an old school Russian house. Chance is you would find the wall covered in a beautiful carpet instead of framed photos. You may have never really thought of why it is done that way since it […]

5 important things to know when visiting a Russian house

Russia what comes to your mind ?. Most of you are usually instantly flashed into the minds of the immortal cold, the bears, the vodka, and the disenchantment of their citizens. The stereotype is very common. However, these conditions are not all right, you must prove it by visiting Russia. In Russia, looking for Russian friends […]