14 Fun Tips To Do Travelling With Your Russian Boyfriend

Vacation is the thing most people look forward to. Get out of the work routine and spend time for fun. Vacation can be done with anyone and anywhere. It all depends on the intentions and the main purpose of your holiday. Well there are some people who also love to spend their holidays with lovers. Holiday with boyfriend is one of the fun things because it has more time to get to know each other and deepen the contents of each other’s thoughts. If you are planning a holiday with your boyfriend, of course you will need different preparations. Read also Best Places in Russia During Winter

Here are some fun tips to do travelling with your Russian boyfriend :

1. Plan together

Plan togetherThe first tip is the most important tips. You should plan this vacation together. Discuss seriously where you are going on holiday. It would be a wonderful thing if you had the same dream place for a long time. After deciding the holiday destination, plan also about transportation to the sights. You can plan abroad or just in the country alone. If you want to go abroad, of course you have to prepare it from scratch.

If including adventure lovers, short trips to the mountains or exotic beaches may be an option. But if one of you has a shortage in physical terms, such as easy to drunk vehicles or less powerful body condition, look for places that are not too far and safe. Remember, holidays are time for fun, so avoid things your boyfriend can not do.

2. Plan everything and from long ago

Besides talking about vacation time, you should also have time together. Like how long the leave to take on the holidays and what equipment you want to carry. Like glasses, small towels and a swimsuit if you want to vacation to the beach. Also, do not forget to discuss the holiday budget that must be spent during the holidays.

Let not be too heavy, do this preparation in advance. Take advantage of this time lag to seek out fares for transportation tickets and lodging at a cheap price, but with pretty good facilities. Do not forget to make an agreement how much money to be paid. And who is responsible for doing each transaction.

3. Divide the task

To arrange the preparation before traveling or vacation with your boyfriend, make sure you and your partner have done the division of tasks evenly. Starting from searching location information, itenary, until the luggage to carry. The division of tasks during preparation is important so that no one feels burdened for the preparation of this holiday.

4. Invite family or friends

Difficult to be allowed to go alone for a holiday? Try to invite family members or friends to accompany. In addition to avoiding you from temptation, this way can also save expenses you know. You can share the cost of lodging, accommodation, even get an attractive offer when traveling in groups or groups. You may read also Best Places in Moscow for Muslim Traveler

5. Visit interesting places and do fun things

The next fun tips to do travelling with your boyfriend is look for fun places that you will visit. For example surfing, diving, shopping souvenirs for people at home or doing other natural activities. This experience must make your relationship more harmonious. It is a very nice thing to do something experience you have never done with your boyfriend.

6. Set up media to relax together

Holiday with a boyfriend means also doing recreation together. Well for this one thing is also important for you to prepare for your journey becomes more enjoyable. As an important partner to prepare each other media that can make the holiday more relaxed. For example preparing speakers and playlists favorites to be heard during the trip. You can also bring a movie you want to watch together during a trip or while relaxing during the holidays.

7. Find a cheap lodging and avoid something bad

For a holiday that lasts about a week, do not forget to look for lodging. Choose a guesthouse or lodging that has two or four-storied beds. Find a comfortable and cheap lodging and avoid the things that are not desirable. Because, maybe in some places lodging, you should show wedding ring and marriage certificate. Read also Extreme and Adenturous Things To Do in Russia

8. Communicate with many people

One of the disadvantages of traveling alone with a boyfriend is the saturation that may arise during the journey. Especially for those of you who want to travel long over 1 week. Well to overcome this saturated situation, you and your partner should also increase communication with people who met during the trip. Interaction with local residents will also increase your knowledge of your tourist location.

9. Talk about everything in your date

Vacation with lovers can be a quality time together. Talk about all the gaffe all this time. After, all the problems that have been going on. Do not forget to create a romantic back atmosphere. Make the atmosphere filled with laughter like no life burden during your vacation.

Open the discussion room as much as possible during your vacation with a girlfriend. Exchanging thoughts and planning your life plan ahead will make you much more familiar with the mindset and personality of your boyfriend.

10. Visit romantic places

In addition to visiting several tourist attractions during your vacation, do not forget to invite your partner to visit places you never forget. Like seeing a beachside sunset or a romantic dinner. Both of you can also do simple things like walking along the beach while holding hands. You will feel romantic while looking at the waves that collide with the beaches of sand lost by the ocean currents.

11. Make a Little Holiday Moment

In addition to doing the romantic, give little surprises for him. Like giving something he likes or things you’ve never done before. For example, sing a romantic song while staring at your two beautiful eyeballs. Could also be one of the surprises alternatives accompanied by strings of guitar strings that melodious melodies.

12. Do not complain much

Preparing and traveling can drain your energy and mind. Well one of the keys to the holiday with a boyfriend can be passed with fun is not much to complain. Feelings and attitudes are things that must be maintained to shape and support a pleasant atmosphere during the holidays. Read also Most Popular Parks in Russia

13. Attention to boyfriend

When doing a vacation with your boyfriend, meaning both will come out of their respective comfort zone. Sometimes adaptation takes time and a burden for someone. Well for a vacation with a boyfriend can keep running smoothly, it is important to both pay more attention to the couple during the holidays. Both parties will feel more comfortable and bring a closer relationship.

14. Capture your moments

Capture the holiday moments with boyfriend of course obligatory. This memories may be a wonderful moment for you and your partner during a relationship. A number of documentation tools and photo spot planning to be visited are also important during the holidays. When you want to vacation with a girlfriend, make sure you always remember to capture all the beautiful moments that are being spent together.

Those are some fun tips to do travelling with your Russian boyfriend. Are you ready for travelling? See also Best Destinations in Russia

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