The Difference of Слышать and Слушать in Russian Language

How many Russian verbs that make you confused to choose which one is right for your sentence? As we know, in every language there are many verbs that have a function to describe the same subject or object. However, some of these verbs have different uses, depending on the situation or actions that we did. […]

The Imperative and Subjunctive Mood of Russian Verbs

“Do not be late!” Do you know what grammar term that used in this sentence? When we want to ask or demand people to do something, we use an imperative mood. We can say the imperative is used to make commands. Meanwhile, when we want to express something that is still unreal like a wish, emotional […]

Present Tense of Verbs in Russian Language

In all languages, verb tenses are very important. It has a function to describe the time of action when something happens. When we speak with the wrong tenses, it can change the meaning of the sentence because of the wrong time. Let’s learn Russian step by step. For now, we begin with the present tense of […]

Conjugation in Russian Language (Regular and Irregular Verbs)

After the first lesson about conjugation in Russian language that divided into two categories, such as regular and irregular verbs, now we are going to talk about regular and irregular verbs more specifically. There also will be more examples of irregular verbs conjugation. If you are a beginner, we highly recommend you to visit How to […]